Saturday, 24 May 2014

BlissHouse Theme Restaurant @ Clarke Quay

It was Florence's birthday and I chose this place for the celebration, as I've heard of this garden theme restaurant for quite some time already. I have known her for 10years and she is like a mum to me, always giving me the best advice in life including my past relationship. She knows my character really well.

It happened to be Mother's day too so I got 2 stalks of carnations for her & Jia respectively! 

This restaurant is located conveniently on the 3rd level at The Central @ Clarke Quay.

Exterior of BlissHouse Theme Restaurant

Entrance - as if we are walking into a garden as shown in fairytale

It is quite beautiful, even the ground are made of grass carpet. We are in a tranquil garden having our dinner! I made reservation a week ago so we were shown to our table, good service I would say!

We were given the menu and had a hard time deciding what to order. When I looked through the items, they were a little overpriced especially for their theme drinks would cost around $12 per glass.

The gifts we got Florence

We were busy snapping away using our mobile phones, and took our own sweet time choosing the food. 

3 of us ordered chamomile tea ($6) respectively. Jia ordered a wild mushroom soup ($8) & chicken roulade ($20), Florence ordered a soup of the day - Tomato soup ($6) & a tropicana pizza ($17) and I ordered a wild mushroom soup too & a Prawn and Scallop tagliatelle ($23).

The drinks & food were served pretty fast. 

Chamomile Tea

Soup of the Day

Wild Mushroom Soup

Chicken Roulade

Tropicana Pizza

Prawn & Scallop Tagliatelle

Everything was good except for the Prawn & Scallop tagliatelle which I ordered. The pasta is dry & bland, taste a little tough, but the prawn was quite fresh. Both the soups we ordered were good, the chicken roulade meat is tender and the pizza crust is thin & crispy. I liked their pizza alot! 

We were there till around 9pm and we chatted a lot, we always have so much to talk whenever we met up. :) We decided to settle the bill then go around the restaurant taking photos. 

The necklace gift we got for Florence

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Tel: 6225 5532
Mon-Sun: 12pm-11pm

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