Thursday, 1 May 2014

Shabu Shabu - Shabu Sai

For those who know me well especially colleagues or relatives, they will know I'm a fan of Shabu Shabu! Yes, I love the meat cooked in Suki-Yaki broth and dipped with raw egg before chewing and swallowing it down the throat!

I used to go to Suki-Ya restaurant at Marina Square but would be slightly out of the way for me. A new Shabu Shabu restaurant opened in Orchard Central last year and it is just across from my office. It became a new eating place once in a while for me & colleagues if we want to eat something good for lunch or for whoever's birthday. 

There was usually no queue for lunch and only 70 minutes are allowed for customers having Shabu Shabu lunch. 

Lunch cost $16.90++ and you can get free flow of drinks by topping up $1.99++ so it costs around $22 per pax.

Sushi are available and part of the buffet

Not much varieties

Free flow of drinks by topping up $1.99++

Free flow of thin sliced Pork, Beef & Chicken

Sukiyaki & Tonkotsu Soup Base

I still prefer Suki-Ya than Shabu Sai as Suki-Ya has more varieties of steamboat food and their soup base are not as salty as Shabu Sai. 

Shabu Sai
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central
Tel: 6884 6760

Weekday Lunch: 11.30am-3pm
Weekday Dinner: 6pm-10pm
Sat/Sun/PH: 11.30am-10.30pm

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