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Day 8-9 of Taiwan 2013 (24-25 Jan 2013) - Alishan + Taipei

Continuing from day 7 of the trip, we are heading to Alishan in the morning and Taipei in the late afternoon! We had our breakfast and checked out early in the morning leaving our luggages in the minsu, and took a bus up to Alishan! 

Breakfast was normal

Kindly please note there is no more railway train up to Alishan. There is only railway within Alishan park. 

Here will be some photos of Alishan:

We stayed till around 12 noon where we took the bus back to minsu to collect our luggages before taking the bus to Chiayi HSR station. He was carsick throughout the journey. We bought our HSR tickets and took the 4pm train to Taipei. 

Upon reaching Taipei main station, we had to take the MRT to XinBeiTou station where we booked a hot spring hotel for the night. Yay! That means a night of hot spring whenever we want.

The Mrt to XinBeiTou

The Mrt to XinBeiTou

I'm so excited over this hotel because I chose it with very nice room and it doesn't come cheap. It costs around S$240 per night!  Check-in is only available at 6pm.

Separate toilet area


Hotspring area

Guangming Road, Beitou District, Taipei City 240  
Tel: +886-2-2891-1228

We had an argument again, because he wanted to enjoy the facilities but I wanted to go to Shilin Night market. So in the end, i went out in a fit of anger and enjoy Shilin night market myself since I'm so familiar with Taipei already. 

I walked around eating and shopping for shoes! 

Cheap & Nice teppanyaki at basement of Shilin night market

Basement of Shilin Night Market


So we met at the night market and walk around filling our tummies. 

We went back to the hotel after a satisfied dinner, and it's time for my hot spring! It was extremely shiok on a chilly weather!  

A huge argument broke up that night till next morning, and both of us were really hurt. But I know you put down your dignity for the first time that morning and apologise to me because we still treasure our things between us. That scene keep flashing across my mind till now. If time could turn back, perhaps we can work together even better. 

We brought our luggage to danshui where it is an old street, I like the food & scenery there. 

That is not a statue

Our lunch - my fav duck blood!

We spent very long time at Danshui before we rushed to take the MRT back to Ximen station where our last hotel is situated at. We need to meet my Taipei office colleagues for dinner too and we were running late.

It was also nearing our anniversary so I planned with the hotel staffs to give a surprise to him.

Thank you Cityinn Ximending! This was my 2nd time staying in this hotel, they have got fabulous service!

100 台北市中正區寶慶路63號
Tel: +886 (2) 7725-2288

We rushed out to meet my Taiwan colleagues for steamboat - the best steamboat I ever eaten in Taiwan. They have different types of meat, free flow of drinks & beer and most importantly, they have free flow of hagen daaz ice-cream!

My fav MaLa Duck Blood

天外天 - 民權二店
Address here   

Thanks to the colleagues who treated us dinner and dropped us off at DiHua Street (迪化街). This street is like Chinatown where it will be lively and full of stalls set up 2 weeks before CNY.

The street is so crowded!

It was definitely more interesting than Chinatown CNY market. I wanna go back Taipei next year, preferably alone. 

This trip has been in my mind lately, thinking back of our dreams and wedding shoot package which we bought. If I can no need think far, perhaps now we already had our shoot in Taiwan in Feb this year. If you see this, I just want to let you know I really wish you well. I'm tired of giving in most of the times and I feel money has changed you at the later stage which I have no confidence that we will last. Money may be everything to you, but to me, I only need the basics in life that's all. I know you will be well. I won't forget us. :)   

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