Thursday, 25 June 2015

The MAMA Shop - Nostalgic 80s-90s [Closed indefinitely]

**Please note that MAMA Shop has closed indefinitely!

I saw from the social media some time ago that Mediacorp artiste Felicia Chin & Sora Ma have opened a new cafe somewhere in Chinatown, and the theme is the 80s-90s childhood days. I have been wanting to go take a look but the mister is not that keen the other day.

I finally had a chance to go there on a Saturday noon when I jio-ed Mum to Chinatown market to buy the fresh fish & Yong Tau Foo, the food there are fresh and cheap! It became quite a weekly routine for me - OK I admit I'm becoming an auntie soon but no choice as everything are so expensive now and me and my mister are looking to buy house now and when think of the future renovation and furniture cost, I don't wanna think about it. :x I'm cutting down on cafes and expensive lunch during work now. 

I heard from people that to get to the Mama Shop, one had to walk towards the back of People Park Food Centre where you will see a long flight of stairs, take the stairs up to a building where the Mama Shop is located at.

We are blessed with good weather that day! With dark clouds, but it's a little humid as there's no air-condition at the cafe.

The place is not that huge with only a few tables and chairs, there was only 2 staff when I went and the staff are quite friendly and helpful giving me advices on the food they have. The Mama shop really reminded me of my childhood days - zero point, the goodies I had when I was young. I hardly find such childhood goodies now. Days were much simpler in the past and there was definitely no iPads!!! 

*Credits to Google

Their menu was so cute! I remembered that we used to have Jotter Books in schools and this looked like it. Haha!

Mum initially wanted to try the Fish burger but the staff said we may not get used to the taste as they have received feedback from other customers too. She changed to Chicken burger (S$10.90) in the end and ordered a Sparkling Limau (S$3.50) which is a type of sour plum drink. I been wanting to try their Muah Otah roll (S$7.90) so much so I ordered that and add on a Red Bean Slush (S$3.90) which looks good!

The drinks came pretty fast but the food took quite some waiting time as I think they are short-handed on staff?

Red Bean Slush

Sparkling Limau

Chicken Burger

Muah Otah Roll

The red bean slush was really delicious, it tastes a bit creamy with red bean and was so yummy that I was sharing it on several whatsapp group chat! (Don't say good thing never share :p). Mum's sparkling Limau was good too, quite refreshing and appetizing for her. Her chicken burger came first and the chicken meat was warm and crispy (the bun is pretty cripsy too)! I can see that Mum enjoyed the meal, but the biscuit sides were a little "lao hong" (not that crunchy). I waited quite a while before my Otah roll was served, and I can't wait to tuck it in! The bread is crispy and the otah was good too with the right spiciness, maybe others may find it more spicy. We were really quite full from this meal and really enjoyed it! The location may be a little small and hot, but I guess it fits the theme. 

There's NO GST & Service Charge too, all prices are NETT! 

The MAMA Shop
195 Pearl's Hill Terrace 
Old Police Operational Headquarters
Sun-Thur: 12pm-10pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm-11pm

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