Thursday, 16 July 2015

Chir Chir - Korean Fried Chicken

Whenever I see Korean Fried Chicken, it will remind me of the K. Drama "My Love from the Stars" - Qian Song Yi who loves fried chicken with a beer! 

Nelly told me that a famous Korean Fried Chicken restaurant has opened at the basement of 313 Somerset, so we went there for lunch one of the days. Well, I will pronounced it as "Chir Chir" as most of the people would, but the actual pronunciation is "Chi-rei Chi-rei".

We were there early before the long anticipating queue outside the restaurant. 

Service was pretty good and friendly, the design of the restaurant was quite cute too.


The drinks were pretty unique, but since it was still during office hour, no alcohol please. 

I noticed something about the cutlery - the fork and a "tongs" so that you could "kiap" the chicken without dirtying your hands. How creative is that!

Nelly and me decided to order a mango salad and a portion of garlicky chicken to share (please note that the garlicky chicken is a whole chicken). 

We were amazed at how big portion the mango salad was when it was served. When I took the 1st mouthful, the mango was sweet & refreshing and the salad sauce was pretty yummy too! I fall in love with it!

Here comes the chicken! I really love the garlicky chicken which has very flavorful soy sauce & garlic taste.

The portion was huge for the 2 of us and we could not finish it, so I packed the remaining home for dinner..

I have forgotten the price but we paid around $48.00 for these 2 items inclusive of service charge and GST. 

I have also feedback to the restaurant that they should come up with a smaller portion as some people have smaller appetite. :p 

Daily: 10am-10pm

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