Monday, 27 July 2015

Nakhon Kitchen - Authentic Thai Food

People who are close to me would know that I'm a fan of Japanese food and Thai food, I would travel to Bangkok for their cheap shopping and yummilicious food few times a year! I love the Tom Yum Goong and Thai Milk Tea the most, latest favorites would be the Stir-Fried Kang Kong in Thai Style! :)

Thai Milk Tea is exceptionally sweet in Thailand, therefore not easy to find a not-so-sweet taste when in Bangkok. I thought it would be the same in Singapore so I always emphasized "Thai Milk Tea, not so sweet" , but the taste will be so much different. I finally found one Thai Milk Tea in Singapore which made me craves for it always!

I have been to Kovan area a numerous times and always see a very long queue at this Thai restaurant - Nakhon Kitchen. To be exact, it is not a restaurant, but a small shop house with limited tables and chairs. 

I dated the mister to the outlet in Kovan one of the evening and I queued for 50 minutes for a table! Seriously -.-" ... Well, I'm quite well known for my "greediness" and "exploring" for good food so I really don't mind waiting!! If not, how I can share the good tasty food places with you? :p  

Queue would be formed from 5.45pm onwards and will last till around 9.15pm or so. Menu will be given when you are in the queue and you will place your order to the staff too, so that your food will arrive in minutes once you have gotten a table

I ordered the Pineapple rice ($6), Tom Yum Clear Soup ($6), Honey Chicken ($6), Kang Kong [Belachan on the 1st visit, thai style on the 2nd visit] ($6), Thai Milk Tea ($3), Tapioca with Coconut cream ($3) and a red ruby ($3). 

All I can said is the food taste very fantastic! The Thai Milk Tea is very fragrant and smooth, yet not too sweet.  I was hesitating about the Tom Yum Clear Soup which is not added with coconut milk (afraid it would be too sour than spicy), but it proves me wrong. It was sour then spicy which suit my taste. The pineapple rice was good and the honey chicken was crispy and sweet which is a must order whenever I visit the Nakhon Kitchen. As for the kang kong, it was crunchy and nice (be it the belachan or thai style version). I missed the kang kong in Bangkok which usually cost $2-3 only. :( 

As for the desserts, it was my first time trying red ruby so I cannot comment too much on it, it wasn't too sweet and the chestnut bits were crunchy. As for the tapioca, it was a slight disappointment when I saw it. I prefer a pale color tapioca though, the above ones were good but better if it could be softer a little. 

We paid $33 nett with no service charge and GST. :) It was a very satisfying dinner and I realised there's a branch too at few places including Ang Mo Kio. I also did tried the Ang Mo Kio outlet but the honey chicken was too dry so I guess different outlets taste would be different. I think the Nakhon Kitchen at Kovan would be the preferred one. 

Blk 212 Hougang Street 21
Singapore 530212
Tel: 6286 8785
Mon-Sun: 12pm-3pm

(The AMK outlet closes every Wednesday)

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