Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Rainbow Cottage - Cafe in AMK Estate

This is such an outdated post! I have been to this cafe in August which was 4 months ago and I only have time to write about it now. I have been so busy with my kfit exercises and work, not much time for dating though. :)

I dated mum and sister to this cafe near our house on a Sunday after National Day when so many people raved about the rainbow cheesecake on instagram! It was a 5-10 minutes walk from my block and the sun was scorching hot that day. 

Ta-dah, the entrance of the cafe

Here are some photos of the interior:

There's a play area for kids too, so parents could have a cuppa and cakes while their kids play at the play area.

Since this cafe is known as Rainbow Cottage, I should order their rainbow cakes too. They have 2 types of rainbow cakes - the paddlepop cheesecake and the normal rainbow cake. I ordered the paddlepop cheesecake [$7.50] and cappuccino [$4.20] while the sister ordered a chocolate cake [forgotten the price) and SNAPPLE Lemon tea [$3.80]. I also ordered a Chamomile tea [$3.20] for Mum.

 I would say the paddlepop cheesecake taste pretty nice, I spoke to the staff and she said the cakes are baked freshly by the owner's wife. I'm quite particular about rainbow cakes and this cake doesn't taste too much of colouring. This is one cafe I would like to go when I'm in the mood for desserts! They do have a varieties of ice-cream which I have not try, would love to try next time though. :) 

This is one cafe which opens everyday! YAY!

Blk 452 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Tel: 64512483
11am-9.30pm daily  

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