Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My first post

After so much has happened lately, I decided to start blogging again but this time round not my personal life, but about my travelogue & food adventures! Year 2013 - a year which I have been travelling for many times. I'm glad that this is the year which I have been to Amsterdam (part of Europe) for the first time in my life.

Jan 17-28 (12 days tour to Taiwan):

We travelled from Taipei --> Hualien --> Hehuan Mountain --> Cingjing --> Taichung --> Kenting --> Kaohsiung --> Alishan --> Taipei

It was a good travel and thinking back of it, I miss travelling with him. 

Aug 18-23 (Amsterdam)

It is a Business Travel opportunity for me, and glad that I had a chance to explore this city which is well-known for sex & drugs. Dutch people are quite friendly and most people cycle in this city too. I loved the weather there and it was kind of cold for me although it was summer when I went that period of time. I'm going there again soon and hope it would be another new experience for me in this city. 

Sep 5-6 (Bangkok)

It was a trip with mum, sis and aunt. I have been to bangkok quite a number of times, and shopping, food and massage were relatively cheap and good there.

Sep 26- Oct 1 (Phuket)

It was my last trip with him and the birthday trip which he got for me. I appreciated it and got to experience the best private pool villa I ever had in my life. It was a good trip but we ended up with food poisoning on the last day of the trip. It was a memorable trip and my last memories of him. I regretted not talking out many things in this trip. It will definitely be a lifetime regret. But nonetheless, thanks for such a good birthday trip!

Wait till my next post then... Cheerios!

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