Wednesday, 30 October 2013

An Italian food affair with colleagues

2nd post of the blog and this food affair happened 2 weeks ago. :) I appreciate these colleagues in life who always bring me to explore food & travel places and spending time with me during my most difficult period in life. I'm glad to have you guys. :) 

On a Friday evening after work, we decided to have italian food due to KX's craving so we went to this place at Teacher Estate around. It was a long bus ride and some walking distance before we found this place hidden somewhere in the private residential area.

I love the pizza there but not the spaghetti, partly because the spaghetti was handmade spagetti which is not to my liking. I still prefer the traditional type of spaghetti. We ordered the appetizer which was raw salami with rocket leaves. Ok Ok I admit I do not really like rocket leaves because of the bitter taste. :( 

The appetizer which Gab finished most of it

We ordered 2 pizzas to share - 1 hawaiin pizza and 1 shitake mushroom pizza. Their pizzas are amazingly good, thin crust and juicy! I miss the taste of it. 

The hawaiin pizza - doesn't it looks like a heart shape?

The shitake mushroom pizza

Each of us ordered a main course too. I had the seafood spaghetti which I liked it 50/50. The seafood are huge and succulent but I do not like the handmade spaghetti, kind of tasteless for me. Afterall, I think I still love TCC seafood aglio olio most! :) 

Seafood Spaghetti

Reservation is recommended. I have forgotten the price but we paid $35.00 each for 4 of us. Thanks Ching, KX & Gab for such yummy dinner & ice-cream which made me end up with tummy pain. :p 

La Pizzaiola 

Upper Thomson
Teacher's Estate
19 Kalidasa Avenue
Singapore 789398

Tel: 65 6455 4648

Opening hours:
11.30am - 3pm & 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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