Wednesday, 13 November 2013

BKK Trip Day Two

From my last post BKK Trip day one, here is the continuation to BKK Trip day two.

We woke up around 8am, and I did not had a good sleep, keep waking up frequently. I guess it's common. We quickly prepared before heading out for the famous Wanton mee at Pratunam. Before that, we were camwhoring again. :p

Bottom: Tokyo Fashion
Hat: Taiwan

We went out straight to the famous Wanton mee stall! There was a little queue forming outside already but we managed to get seats pretty soon. We ordered 2 dry Wanton mee to share. I like to add in the chilli which taste pretty good!

Super nice wanton mee 50Bhat (S$2)
Open 9am-4pm daily

Long queue outside always

Their noodles very Q

Let me describe you the way to get to this famous wanton mee stall. There is this Glow Hotel in Pratunam opposite Platinum Fashion Mall. Glow Hotel is connected to Shibuya mall, you walk in to the soi (lane) next to Glow Hotel and on your right, you should be able to see the above Wanton mee stall.

After breakfast, we went to shop Platinum Fashion Mall 1 and we started from the 5th level. We bought baby dresses again, good material dress which cost around S$10 per piece. I went to buy some accessories too which are pretty cheap. We spent quite some time clearing level four too and it was quite late already and we only had our lunch at 4pm. We went up to the food court and got the prepaid card to purchase food. We had originally craving for the Tom Yum soup and Omelette rice in the food court but was sad to see that the stall had closed down. :( We had no choice but to choose their braised duck noodles soup instead. 

The soup was good but nothing fantastic

After that, we continue to clear level 3 and it was getting dark too around 6.30pm. Platinum mall closes around 7.30pm. We headed back to our hotel to unload the shopping stuffs and rest for a while. I think we made a good choice of choosing Novotel as the location was really convenient and walking distance to most shopping areas! We rested a while before heading out to Siam Night Market across from MBK. There are usually night street markets outside Central world so we also shop along the way. I bought a pair of comfortable jelly sandals for S$6 only. 

My fav pair of Jelly sandals
Their cupcorn smells good but it was very sweet as they added alot of sugar & condensed milk! We threw away after few mouthfuls.

We also saw some rally there by the red shirts. I guess the rally in Thailand was not much of a violent protest, but more of peaceful type. It should be safe. We walked the bridge linking from Central World to Siam area night market. It was hot, stuffy and crowded there! But things were pretty cheap. It was getting late around 9pm and we haven had dinner. I wanted bring the gf to SomTam Nua at Siam Soi 5 after hearing much reviews about it. We walked a distance before seeing it.

You will see this signboard and you know you found the place

The fried chicken is amazingly good (98 Bhat)

I think they are famous for papaya salad which we are not fan of it

Somtam Nua @ Siam Square
392/14 Soi Siam Square 5
Rama 1 Road
Bangkok, Thailand

After dinner, I wanted to go for a foot massage so the gf went shop alone. It was kind of expensive at Siam area. It costs 300 Bhat instead of the usual 200 Bhat. I finished the foot massage around 10.45pm and we took a cab back to the hotel. It was a short cab ride. We packed some of our luggage first as we had to wake up early the next day! 

Till the next post! :) 

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