Wednesday, 13 November 2013

BKK Trip Day One

Went on an impromptu trip with the usual travelling partner! I needed a place where I can no need think so much. This came pretty in time!  

Met the gf 7.20am at terminal 1! Her hubby & daughter,  sophie came to send her off. Sophie is so cute! She seemed so happy that her mummy is going holidays & no one will "scold" her :p
We checked in & while on the way to Starbucks for breakfast,  we did the usual camwhoring!

We had to rush to board the plane as the boarding gate was quite far away. In the mid of the flight journey, a huge guy was sitting next to us and he was in deep sleep and snoring SO LOUD and saliva was dripping all over his shirt! Yeah, that is a little gross. We had to tolerate for 2 hours. 

Finally, we arrived at the airport and off we go to the basement level to take the cab. Tell the counter your hotel name and insist on metre! It cost around 300-400 bhat to pratunam area. We reached the hotel around 12 noon but still unable to check in, so we had to go settle our lunch first b4 coming back at 2.30pm for check-in. I wanted to bring the gf to the famous wanton mee in Pratunam but there was a long queue!! So, we end up at McDonald across the street. I tried their Samurai Pork Burger and it was really good. 

We started shopping at Pratunam market and first items we bought were baby clothes & accessories! The baby stuffs there were cute & cheap! If I had a baby now, I guess i will buy alot of baby stuffs and cute dresses for my baby. :p After that, we had to squeeze through the madness crowd in pratunam market and the designs were not very nice this time round. We walked quite a distance back to the hotel and it was time for us to check in to the room. We had the room at level 17 and room number was 1716. The room had 2 single beds and it was comfy, toilet area is spacious and bathroom was seen-through but there is a blind for people who are not comfy with the seen-through glass. 

Novotel Bangkok Platinum

220 Petchaburi Road Ratchatvee
10400 Bangkok Thailand
Tel: (+66) 2/1607100

After checked in, we rested a while before heading out again. We walked to chit-lom BTS station which was 10 min away from the hotel, we took the BTS to Mo-Chit station where Chaktuchak weekend Market was situated at. It was very crowded at 5pm! We had to rush through the crowd and go into the market. I feel Chaktuchak weekend market is not worth going now. The items there are not very cheap and it was quite difficult to walk around too. We left there around 6.30pm and we found the MRT station where we walked to exit 3 where Or Tor Kor Market is located at! We wanted to have dinner there but the food stalls there were closed so we bought mangoes instead. I bought their sweet mangoes 2.8kg at 500 Bhat (S$20).

After carrying the heavy mangoes, we decided to take a taxi back to Central World mall to have our dinner! We decided to go to Yum Saap at Level 6 for thai Food! The bill was less than S$10 for 2.

Omelette Rice

Tom Yum Seafood Glass Noodle

 We went back to the hotel after dinner as the gf was not feeling well already before the trip. It was quite early around 9pm and I was tired too! We unpacked our shopping stuffs and chat for a bit. Gf was there to lend me a listening ear and I told everything to her and it was good to release everything in me. I still feel very bothered by it. I thought I could sleep well thou the bed was comfy but I still woke up everytime in the middle of the night and could not sleep well after that. I hope I can untie that knot soon in me. I did told her I do have foolish thoughts at times lately, but when I see beggars on the streets in BKK, I realised I'm fortunate to have the love & care of family and friends.

Anyway wait for updates on Day 2... Cheerios!

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