Monday, 2 December 2013

2013 Macau/HK Day 1

Another travelogue post again... :) It was also a last minute impromptu trip with the usual clique of colleagues! But it was our first overseas trip together!

We were departing on a Friday at 6.10am to Macau so I had to wake up around 3am to prepare. It was tired as I did not sleep much during the night. I was all ready by 4am and waiting for Gab to go fetch KX then come fetch me around 4.20am. While I still have time, I did my usual OOTD selfie again! Yes, I know I did it everytime before travelling. :p

OOTD: Dress, stocking & beanie hat from Tokyo Fashion

"Mickey & Minnie" theme nails by LuxeWomen (my fav nail salon)

Luxe Women (AMK branch)
347 AMK #01-2130 S560347 (opp AMK Hub - AMK Mrt)
Tel: 6452 1210
Fav manicurist: Fiona & Jane

We reached Changi Airport around 4.45am and YC was already there. We did our check-in in a jiffy and off we went into the transit area to have our breakfast. We had the usuals of butter toast and egg before shopping a little while and off to board our plane. The flight was delayed taking off and the journey to Macau took around 3hours plus. We arrived Macau around 10.10am. 

We alighted from the plane and walked to Macau airport customs.

As we had 4 luggages so 4 of us had to go to the hotel in 2 separate taxis. We took the taxi to Hotel Royal and it costs around 65 MOP (you can pay in HKD in Macau). The driver took 80 HKD instead and I think it is normal in Macau for the people to pay a little more in HKD (somewhat like tips).

We did the check-in at 11.30 am but time was still early so the receptionist ask us to come back at 3pm instead to collect the keys. Therefore, we immediately went to find food for our growling tummy! KX already had a place in mind. It was a dim sum restaurant near to the hotel.

These dim sums cost only SGD $12 per pax & the smoked duck in the middle is really delicious!

名門居海鮮食府澳門馬大臣街1, 1A, 1B號地下


 After dim sum, we began to go walk around looking for KX's camera lens and the traditional ice cream. 

New experience of mixed flavours ice-cream but the biscuit "lao-hong", not crunchy type.

After that, we began walking and asking around where is the temple where KX wanted to go. We finally found it after walking for around 15-20 minutes. Gab's feet was in a little pain so the 3 of us found a bench and rest and we camwhore under the tree! :)

While roaming on the streets of Macau

Guess whose legs? :p

Camwhoring under the tree while waiting for KX

After KX came to find us, we proceed our way to the ruins of St Pauls! It was so crowded as I believe it is a very good photography area. 

Ruins of St Pauls

Tada.. I finally came to Macau!

When in Macau, how can you miss out pork chop bun? We did not go to the famous one but went in search for one which KX personally find it not bad. It took few minutes to brave through the crowds alone a lane where there are many souvenirs shops especially the famous Ko Kei Bakery. 


The cafe where serves the nice pork chop bun

Yummy Pork Chop Bun

 After satisfying our growling tummy, we went to Ko Kei to get goodies such as Peanuts candy, walnut cookies, ginger candy etc. It was so crowded with tourists! After getting the goodies, we had to look for a cab but it was so crowded everywhere. We decided to walk to Grand Lisboa to take a shuttle bus to the Macau Ferry terminal and from there we took the Hotel Royal shuttle bus back to hotel. We got our keys and checked in to the room to rest for a while. 

The room is quite big

Hotel Royal Macau
Estrada da Vitoria 2-4


After checking in and resting for a while, we took the hotel shuttle to the ferry terminal again and took the Hotel Galaxy shuttle. Hotel Galaxy is a very grand hotel and I think it is the grandest hotel in Macau. We spent quite some time at this hotel to take photos.


Isn't Hotel Galaxy grand?

Entrance of Hotel Galaxy

 We spent some time there before proceeding to the food court there for our dinner. The food was not nice and it was kind of expensive! 

Selfie in Hotel Galaxy's washroom

 We took the bus over to Venetian Macau which I have always wanted to go after seeing this hotel in various HK dramas. Well, it was a little out of my expectation as it was not as grand as it seems to be. 

Venetian Macau

No Gondola that day :( Wanna go Venice one day though

Venetian Macau
After Venetian Macau, we walked over to the City of Dreams wanted to see the laser shows but it was kind of late. Oh ya, it was also first time in my life going to casinos! Now I finally know how casinos are like. :p Yea, kind of mountain tortoise. We took a cab to Wynn hotel to see the laser light shows. It was good with music played in the background. 

After seeing the laser light shows, it was back to hotel. We are dead beat! :)

I will update day 2 real soon... 


**some of the photos are credited to KX & Gab.

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