Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 Amsterdam Trip Day 2 & 3

Continuing from Day 1 , I woke up around 6am on Day 2. Showered and went down to the cafe for buffet breakfast as my boss doesn't arrive till around noon. I love the mushrooms alot as I had it before during my last trip.

After breakfast, it was back to the hotel room to work on my laptop. Got a buzz message from the boss to meet for lunch at the cafe downstairs as the weather doesn't look very nice to go out. I had no idea what to have for lunch as there's still not much appetite yet so I ordered a ham & cheese omelette which was quite nice with the thick creamy cheese! :)

Ham & Cheese Omelette with Brown Breads

After lunch, i headed back to my room to continue my work. I was kind of sleepy but lucky to have someone to chat with me through whatsapp. Thanks and I appreciate that. :) It was around 5pm when boss buzz a message to me to meet for a drink at the bar downstairs and to go for dinner today. The weather was kind of cold that I really do not wish to go out much too. :(

Drinking session

One is enough for me as I do not wish to get drunk. After the drinks, we headed to the Istanbul restaurant across from our hotel. From the restaurant name, you can guess it is kind of middle eastern food. I had chicken skewers with rice (yeah finally some rice, but I took a bit of the rice only as I wanna be on a diet). This trip with all the heavy food is making me put on weight, i think!

Chicken skewers with rice

Interior of Istanbul Restaurant

After dinner, is back to the hotel to rest! My usual routine would be showered and lying on bed to watch Hong Kong Drama and I usually fall asleep at 9pm (4am SG time). I would wake up every 30minutes to 1 hour though because I'm really not used to the time. :( 

Day 2 OOTD: Top - Tokyo Fashion Taiwan, Bottom - Levi's, Boots - Korea

Continued to day 3, the boss and me only went to office around 2pm as there were some hiccups with his luggage which only arrived after lunch! We worked on our laptops during breakfast & after breakfast and went back to our respective rooms to continue working. 

We had lunch in the hotel again as the weather is too chilly! This time round I had the chicken skewers with peanut sauce and prawn crackers, it's very nice! 

We headed to the office and worked till around 5pm before we head back to the hotel to go out for dinner. I suggested the Grand Cafe Mynt which we had meals there before during our last trip! I ordered a grilled salmon which was nice too and a hot cup of cappuccino. 

After dinner, it's back to the hotel to rest for the day. Again, I had interrupted sleep. :(

OOTD Day 3: Top - Bangkok, Bottom - Levi's, Boots - Korea

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