Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 Amsterdam Trip Day 4-6

Continuing from my earlier post, day 4 was going in to office around 9am and work as usual till around 4pm! I told boss I'm not joining him dinner as I'm going shopping for snacks which Mum requested and Longchamp bags which the gfs requested too. It was quite cold that night and I met a guy who was high on drugs, I guess. It gives me the shiver! I make my way to Debijenkorf and got the longchamp planetes bag at 101 euro. I walked to Damstraat after that to help mum's colleagues look for Leonidas chocolates which is very nice. I found myself walking into red light district/chinatown unknowingly so I decided to walk back to my hotel area.

I went to the HEMA store to get the cocktail nuts which Mum wanted - 20 packets! It was heavy for me! :(

Most of the chips are in Paprika flavour

I decided to go to Grand Cafe Mynt for dinner again and I had cappuccino and steak for dinner this time round. As usual, their food are good! 

Ribeye steak 17.50 euro

Address of the cafe

Day 4 OOTD: Hat - Tokyo Fashion Taiwan, Top - Uniqlo, Bottom - Tokyo Fashion Taiwan, Boots - Korea

DAY 5 - My last day in Amsterdam, I was looking forward to be back in SG soon! I had so many cravings such as Wanton Mee, Dimsum, Yong Tau Foo etc.

I went to the office at 9am too and knocked off at 4pm! It was back to the hotel and had a round of drinking session with the boss, it was a nice catch-up with boss! We proceed to the Asian Bistro across the road from the hotel and we had Chinese set menu which is not cheap (25.50 euro per pax). 

It was then goodbye with the boss after dinner as I proceeded to the Albert Heijn Supermarket to buy last minute goodies. While on the way to the supermarket, There's a guy trying to talk to me but I ignored him and proceeded my way. After buying the goodies, I walked back to the hotel along the main street, and I saw this black guy coming towards me when he see me. He started following me and talked to me, I tried to ignore but he keep following me and I got scared that he might rob me as he asked me to go see coffeeshop (where drugs are legal). I had many thoughts on my mind suddenly, what if I'm robbed by him and what if I will die, I have many things haven't do and haven't say out (my family, friends etc), that instance was really frightening. But it was lucky that 2 police officers passed by! When he saw the police officer, he stand a distance and said bye bye to me and walked back to the direction where we came from. I run back to my hotel room and feeling so terrified and trembling! 

I immediately packed my luggage and went to bed, but I did not manage to sleep at all. I'm not sure if it is related to jetlag. I haven't sleep for quite long time already. :(

Day 5 OOTD: Top - Tokyo Fashion Taiwan, Bottom - Levi's, Boots - Korea

I woke up at 3am and could not sleep anymore. I was ready to go the airport in the early morning. I had breakfast and set off to the airport at 7.45am, saw boss in the lobby and he send me off as he would be staying for another week in Amsterdam! My SQ flight was at 10.30am so I shopped around buying Leonidas chocolates and getting my tax refund back for the longchamp bags. Finally boarded the plane and it was not a smooth flight as there were turbulence many times! I did not sleep throughout the journey. :( I arrived Changi airport at 5.15am on Sunday morning, went to get the perfume from the DFS store in the transit area. I'm surprised and touched and happy to see him despite my flight being so early. Thank you and I appreciate it! :) We went for breakfast and I had laksa - craving for all the yummy local food. It was home sweet home after that! I needed more time to adjust my jetlag and my sleep! :) That's it for Amsterdam! :)

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