Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Time passes very quickly, and it's a brand new year again, leaving the unhappiness in 2013 and moving forward to a new chapter in 2014. 2013 is a year that consists of happiness but yet falling from great heights in life too. Maybe I really 不会带眼识人, that's why I ended up hurting myself. Like my gfs told me, I really deserve better which I gradually believe so. (Haha, I'm being positive & not thick-skinned :p)

As the year coming to the end, I got green light for my health report and I lost 6kgs within 2 months plus! It wasn't easy fighting hormones imbalance and I hope my little story can encourage girls who are fighting the hormones imbalance. I was on oral medication for regulating the monthly affair since 2009 and I took it for 2 years (skin was better and keep weight in control). I stopped in 2011 and began taking it in April 2012 but my body was not suitable to take the oral medication anymore so I did not complete the original cycle of 21 days (i only took for 5 days and stopped completely!). That was a huge mistake - I went to the gynae who told me that my body hormones is all messy now. It was difficult that period of time for me, I had mood swing and my weight increases even though I tried to go on diet! Can you imagine I can gain 2kgs in a week and it dropped and increased again? I would be depressed for nothing, and thought of ending my life even thou I had nothing unhappy in life. I told my gfs whenever I was depressed and they would be there for me. Most of the women understand how hormones imbalance can go on for years, but would man understand? The guy whom I loved before do not understand, and we often quarrelled causing me to be even more depressed. My weight increases because of the imbalance hormones, and he had to call me fat and saying what I wore is ugly. Is putting on weight what I want? I had no choice. It is seriously putting my emotions down. There were more outbreaks on my face, and I was feeling more inferior all the while. I wonder why is all these happening to me! 

I'm in this stage is also because of the man I loved before. After I initiated the breakup, I tried to be more positive and confident. I began to exercise, my appetite became small and I tried to eat healthier, and my weight dropped very fast. From 56kg in Sept 2013, I'm now 50Kg. I intend to drop 2 more kgs to 48kg. I can wear more pretty clothes now be it sleeveless or not. I hope my face condition will improve too, and I decided to invest more money seeing Dr Lee for a one-off good results for permanent! Therefore girls, if you are encountering the same issues as me, do not give up! You will need supportive people around you and not putting you down when you are at your worst! :)I have put down the past, I chose to forgive & forget and move on.

On NYE, it was nothing special as I seldom go for countdown for the past few years, mostly staying at home. The gf decided to get me to chill out and countdown together at the Bliss restaurant nearby our house. We arranged to meet at 10.30pm and there was event going on there and Guest-of-Honor was PM Lee Hsien Loong. We even took a photo with him. :)


The BFFs with their hubbies! So happy they are moving to next stage of life!

Bliss Restaurant @ Chengsan CC

Sun-Thur: 3pm-12midnight
Fri-Sat: 3pm-1pm
Tel: 6280 3389

The peeps who accompanied me through 2013, not fogetting Evelyn Goh & Grace You too! Thanks my darling Gen Gen for being joy to me everytime I see her!

New Year Resolutions:
- Job be smooth & earn more money
- Good Health & smile more 
- hope we can progress another step further and smoother
- my love ones be happy and healthy
- lost weight till 48kg
- maybe get my RES & driving license too? :p 

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