Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014~~~

Today is 立春, the actual CNY on every year 4th Feb. 杰思琳祝大家恭喜发财, 心想事成, 马到成功!

I had a long break (on leave) during this CNY starting the eve of CNY's eve. It was a very good break but I think I'm about to fall sick at this moment. :( Anyway, back to the CNY holidays, this blog entry would be more of photos rather than words.

I woke up very early on 1st day of CNY as I wanted to go collect pencai instead, but the person overslept and said he would deliver to me instead free of charge. :) I walked over to his house to bai nian and had very yummy steamboat lunch, especially the soup which made me crave for it everytime I think about it. :) It was really delicious! I headed to my grandma's house around 2.30pm with the pencai. 

Selfies taken with the relatives:

With Miss Lim

With the sister (I'm in love with the outfit bought from BKK)

With my younger cousin

We ordered the usual buffet this time round from Jessie catering! I think it was normal and should not hold higher expectations for catering during festive season. 

Jessie Catering

Pencai for 4pax portion $118 (drop a comment if you want to know where I get it from)

As for CNY Day 2, it was spent at the 1st Aunt's house as per every year routine. Aunt did not cook this year and had catered buffet too from Ye Lai Siang Catering.

With my darling god-daughter gen gen & her mummy!

The Pang Family

Ye Lai Siang Catering

After dinner, I met him to go to the River Angbao to experience the CNY mood. I haven't been to the river angbao for many years! I also hope to do it yearly too. 

Coming next to Day 3 of CNY, it was nothing much but spend the afternoon at a relative's house at the peak at TPY! I had steamboat again and it was nice too! I can never have enough of steamboat which is my favourite! I also had a few games on blackjack and it was winning streak for me! But I lost a lot at mahjong. :( I think it is not a good year to gamble for Tiger! I shall cut down on mahjong now for this year! 

OOTD: Lovebonito

CNY activities

I left around 7pm and head to AMK hub to meet uncle family at Swensen as it was Aunt's bday! Happy Birthday my dear aunt! I also went Loyang Tua Pekong with him at night to pray for a good smooth year ahead and we had supper at the 89.7 supper club too, the fish & chips is good! :) I haven't been to Changi area for a long time and it really changes alot. 

This CNY left me in quite a number of awkward situation. :( Some asked me about my wedding, while some gave me angbaos hoping I can meet a better man who dote on me. My mum also never say such things before, but this year when she gave me angbao, she wished that I can meet a good guy who will not hurt me. I wanna cry at that instance. Well, the past is over and I can only look forward is what I have been telling myself! :) I hope to meet a better one and nice guy (rich or not rich or whatever doesn't matter, most impt is to go through thick & thin together and be there for each other). I have also received recorded videos from ex-colleague who hope I can be a bride in the year of Horse so he can rub some good luck off me. Haha that makes me very touched! I have received all your wishes, and I appreciate that. I leave it all to fate. If it is mine, it will eventually be. :) Thank you all of you for loving me and doting on me all the while.. :) Happy CNY!

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