Friday, 30 May 2014

Ronin Cafe - with no Menu & Signboard

The same team of folks behind the The Bravery & The Plain, this is their 3rd cafe. As recommended by Yahoo site, I happened to be in Raffles Place one of the days during lunch with gab who is meeting someone to collect something. 

While waiting for the person, I suggested heading over to this Ronin cafe to try the coffee there. It was located at  Hong Kong Street, not far from the UOB plaza. We walked all the way there under the hot sun, and I could not find any cafe along that street! I immediately googled for this cafe - there's no signboard and it is located at 17 Hong Kong Street. Ok, so I started looking out for the unit number on each building. Aha~~ I managed to find it. 

17 Hong Kong Street

The main entrance

The moment we went in, it was quite dim inside and almost full house but we still managed to find a seat for 2. There's no menu, the staff will tell you what is available. Since we have already eaten, so I ordered a flat white ($4.20) while gab ordered a Iced Matcha Latte (can't remember the cost). 

Iced Matcha Latte

Flat white
The flat white I had was good! Yahoo did not recommend wrongly, their coffee tasted good and strong coffee fragrant aroma!

As usual, Gab will help me to go around taking photos. Ta-dah~~~

The service there was good, there's no service charge & GST too! It would be a good place for a short break, but I don't think I will sit there for long due to the dim-lit ambience.


Ronin Cafe
17 Hong Kong Street
Tue-Sun: 8am-8pm
Closed on Monday

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