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Day 6 of Taiwan 2013 (22 Jan 2013) - KaoHsiung

Here is day 6 of the Taiwan Trip after from the previous post about day 5!

It is our last day in Kenting and we kind of feel that time passes too fast. He even said we were to go back Kenting again and stay for a week there next time. Well, our promises/future are gone with the wind. Sometimes, one may not end up as forever or with the one they loved most.

We travel on the scooter and explore the other part of Kenting early in the morning as the driver is coming to pick us up at 10am. 

The area we went to, it feels like Taiwan in the oldies, I really love the environment and surroundings! The kind of tranquil feeling and the cold wind really warmed my heart.

We saw this ray of light

Wearing a mask to protect the lips from drying

Seeing these photos, I really miss Kenting now and would like to go there again. But everything have changed already. 

Ok, so we rushed back to the minsu where the driver picked us up to head to KaoHsiung. The journey takes around 2 hours plus where we can nap in the van too. 

We booked love motel (汽车旅馆) in Kaohsiung as we always heard that the love motel is quite good in Taiwan on variety shows. Check-in can only be allowed at 6pm, so we immediately went to find food for our tummy! While walking to the MRT station, we saw a japanese restaurant which serves buffet so we walked in. 

The food was super fresh and good, especially the sashimi. Sorry for the lack of photos as we were too hungry.

After lunch, we took the train to the Pier 2 - Art Centre to view different display of arts. While on the way to train station, we passed by a park which was very beautiful. How I wished we have such a park in Singapore, because the moment I was walking in that park, I felt really relaxed. 

Taiwan has these bicycles for people to cycle around and then drop off at any destination which has this parking station

The nearest station is Yanchengpu station and you have to walk a distance. 

My favorite bumble bee
The weather was kind of humid in KaoHsiung and we were wearing long sleeves so getting a little impatient walking around that area. We decided to head to dream mall (統一夢時代購物中心) in the end.

Pier-2 Art Center
Tel: 886-7-5214899
Mon-Thur: 10am-6pm
Fri-Sun: 10am-8pm

We took the train to 凱旋站 and there's a free shuttle bus at exit 1 of the station to Dream Mall. Dream mall is a huge shopping mall and there's a ferris wheel/small amusement theme park at the rooftop level of the mall, so we spent most of the time there. 

Dream Mall

我希望,  时间能够停留在这一刻,  停留在幸福的最高点。    转啊转的,不要结束。    我与你就像摩天轮一样,  转眼间就转完了   

me walking in to the Ferris Wheel capsule

View from Ferris Wheel

We spent the next 1 hour playing in the amusement park - shooting range! 

Don't play play, I fired real pistol before

I think I'm trying to train to be markswoman. :p We shopped around in the mall before proceeding to 新堀江商圈 where all the lastest and cheapest fashion clothes/accessories are. We alighted at the wrong stop and walked quite a distance. I think we wasted time to this place because I did not see anything I fancy. My tummy was not feeling very well too, so we took a taxi back to the motel where we can check-in already. 

The moment we entered the room via garage and up the stairs, I got a shock! The room & bathroom are so huge and it costs around SGD $120 only. We had a quarrel because he wanted to enjoy the facilities which means we did not go to the Ruifeng and Liouhe night markets as planned. :( 

Huge bathroom with a jacuzzi bath and massage table

This path leds to an outdoor bath

outdoor bath

The garage

The motel

區域 / 高雄市鼓山區
Tel: 886-7-5523322

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