Friday, 20 June 2014

Artisan Boulangerie Co. @ Killiney Road

I have been working in this area for some years and I actually did not know there's a cafe here till the colleagues brought me here for coffee break after lunch one of the days. -.-"

This cafe is further down from Singtel Com Centre just before the SPC petrol station. 

The seating area inside were quite spacious too. I love the color theme as well. We were given the menu, and me walking over to the pastries counter to take a look. The beverages were of standard price but the breakfast sets and pastries were a little overpriced. I guess their business is mainly contributed by the expats/residents who were staying in that area.


Their pastries look inviting and made me salivated at the sight of it. I'm hesitated ordering them and decided not to in the end because it is really overpriced to me. The egg benedict cost around $19.50 which I find it pricey as compared to other cafes. 
Uncle Sam & me ordered Cappuccino ($5.50), Gab ordered a Hot Chocolate ($6.50) and KX ordered a Lemon Ginger tea ($5.50)

Hot Chocolate



Lemon Ginger Tea

So we only have our drinks there and chat away, the ambience was nice! The cappuccino is good and added to my list of nice cappuccino now.

I went there for a 2nd time on my own for lunch, as I just want to relax! I ordered a Iced Mocha ($7.80) and Ham & Cheese Baguette ($10.80) this time round. 

Ham & Cheese Baguette

Iced Mocha

The baguette was a little too tough to bite and the taste of the ham is a little weird for me, one time is enough for me. :) The iced mocha is good, good mixture of chocolate and coffee taste, not too sweet. 

Since I still had some time to spare, I ordered another Chamomile tea and played my mobile phone in the cafe. It was indeed a good relaxing lunch break and I don't mind having lunch alone once in a while. 

Chamomile tea

This cafe is good for a good cuppa of coffee, but maybe not for the food which is a little overpriced in my opinion. :) 

118 Killiney Road
Singapore 239555
Tel: 6444 8130
8am-10pm daily 

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