Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 10 of Taiwan 2013 (26 Jan 2013) - Taipei

So the itinerary planned for the day will be Taipei Zoo & MaoKong which is the cable car! And we are going clubbing for the night which we will be meeting my colleague, David who happened to be working in Taipei office that few days. 

Oh did I mentioned that they have a 24 hours Carrefour Hypermart in Ximending and it is really nice to shop late at night! The items sold there are cheap too! It is around 4 storeys high.

Ok back to Taipei zoo, we took the MRT to Taipei Zoo Station and it is walking distance to the zoo. Since it is a Saturday, we expect families and kids there. The zoo is really huge and we took around 4 hours there and I get really sick & tired of it. We only managed to see koala bears, panda, reptiles area & some other animals and I wanna get out of there. :( 

My 1st time seeing Koala

The panda was asleep when we were there

Since I have phobia of snakes, so there won't be any photos on reptiles. The admission ticket to the zoo was very cheap too, NT60 (which is less than S$3)! This kind of price cannot be found in Singapore! I had enough of animals so I pestered him to go to Maokong which is next to the Zoo. 

Taipei Zoo
No. 30, Sec.2, Xinguang Rd., Wenshan Dist., 
Taipei City 11656, Taiwan, R.O.C.  
Tel: 886-2-2938-2300#630
9am-5pm daily

We made a right choice because he found a very nice 炸蛋葱油饼 there! It was also very cold & windy while waiting for the cable car. 

Because of the cold weather, I also bought hot sweet potato & corn on cob there!

Maokong is basically a place with many cafes where you can have tea there and enjoy the nice scenery of Taipei. If the weather wasn't so cold, I don't mind spending longer time there!

We headed back to Ximending as I wanted to have a haircut + color + treatment at PS25 salon, it cost only NT1500 (S$60). I have compared few salons and this is the cheapest. You can look for my hairstylist, Kino (this is his FB page, you can PM him to make reservation). I love the haircut & color which he decided for me. He is a very friendly chap and I have recommended few friends to go find him for a haircut and most are satisfied with his service!

We rushed for a quick dinner since we are meeting David to go clubbing. We met at Taipei Cityhall Station and head over to somewhere near Taipei 101 where most of the clubs were. We decided to go LAVA club in the end and there were a long queue outside as there was a FHM show that day. The entry fee cost NT1000 per pax which includes 3 drinks. It was very lively and hip in the club, definitely better than the clubs in Singapore. Now I understand why most gfs do not allow their bfs to go clubbing in Taipei because it is very happening (male/female dancers can go bottomless/topless)! Haha. I think because of mixed alcohol and I got high & drunk. I walked so unsteadily and knocked out immediately without bathing when I reached the hotel. He was horrified at the way I got drunk & forbid me drinking again without him around. Yes, I know that is very sweet of him worrying for me. Thank you for taking care of me when I got drunk. 


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