Sunday, 27 July 2014

阿嫲的私房菜 (Granny's Secret) @ OG Albert Complex

Hidden in one corner of OG Albert Complex along Rochor Road, one would never have expected to find a small restaurant here. I'm no stranger to this restaurant because the godma brought me here 1.5 years ago. We have our quarterly ex-svcrians dinner this time round at 阿嫲的私房菜 as suggested by the godma.

There were not much crowd on a Thursday night. For shoppers in OG, this would be a nice place for them to have a snack/tea. Fyi, this restaurant is affiliated to 一口味 (yi kou wei) which is the famous popiah stall located at the basement of Takashimaya. 

We were given the menu and had a hard time deciding on what to order. Most of the dishes are those home-cooked creative dishes. The prices were a little on the high side too.

So we place the orders through their iPad system, quite high-tech now right? It's a pity Marvin could not join us this time round! Nevertheless, we still had loads of fun whenever we get together!

Here are the dishes we ordered and it is really those type of 家常菜, not salty and quite healthy too! 


Assam Fish Head

Chicken Soup

Salted Egg Cereal Tofu

Prawn Roll

Eight Treasures

Pig Trotter

The dishes are generally quite healthy and I guess the bunch of us do enjoyed it especially with the right company. :) 

They do sell steamed egg cakes too!

My support & strength

We pay around $21 per pax after some discounts. 

Granny's Secret (阿嫲的私房菜)
60 Albert Street
OG Albert Complex Level 2
Tel: 6336 7785
Opening hours: 11am-8.30pm daily


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