Sunday, 3 August 2014

GRUB Bistro @ Bishan Park

Been so busy lately with work and the part-time business, that I had no time for myself. Time is never enough and I was rushing a few times past few days even when crossing road that I nearly got into an accident 2 days ago. :( I must learn to relax and try to update my blog more often. :p  

Back to the yummy food blog:

I have only been to the Canopy cafe at Bishan park, so when I heard of GRUB bistro from a colleague, I'm tempted to try it too!

I wanted to try the brunch one of the afternoon with the sis, but when I saw people whom I don't want see in bishan park, I turned away and walked off. It wasn't my luck that day, so I decided to head there for dinner on a Friday which happened to be a treat for Mummy's birthday! 

The sister arrived first, and she was not allowed to hold a table first till all guests arrived. She was told to wait outside, and she was kind of pissed off already because the staffs attitude weren't good as if chasing her! Her face was so black by the time Mum and me arrived, she vowed never to go to GRUB again. (Maybe because the sister has got a kid's face so the staff attitude was a little bad, because when I were in my coporate wear, the staff attitude were still alright.) It depends, I guess!

It is a very small cozy bistro situated in the serenity surrounding of Bishan Park.

In the middle of Bishan Park

I ordered a Cappuccino ($4.50) & the famous Crispy Fish Burger ($14), while the Mum decided on a Iced Honey Lime juice ($3) & a Chicken Steaks ($17) and the sister chose the Iced Lemon Tea ($3) and Sakura Ebi Pasta ($17).

Iced Lemon Tea

Iced Honey Lime Juice


Chicken Steaks

Crispy Fish Burger

Sakura Ebi Pasta

The beverages are so-so especially the cappuccino which are not one of the better ones I had before, it was a little disappointment. Mum also regretted ordering the Chicken Steaks so she exchanged with me, she took the Crispy Fish Burger instead. The chicken steak was ok for me, but it's a little weird with the cauliflower puree (maybe with mash potato will be better). BUT the Crispy Fish Burger was awesome! It was so crispy and the burger bun tasted a little sweet and toasted too! And for the pasta, it's something new for the sister, but I can see that she enjoyed it. 

Our verdict: we love the Crispy Fish burger only! The fish is bigger than the burger bun. :p 

GRUB do serve weekend brunch too, but I won't be exploring the brunch here any time soon. 

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Tel: 6459 5743
Tue-Fri: 11am-3pm
Sat,Sun & PH: 9am-4pm

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