Thursday, 2 October 2014

Supply & Demand - Italian Bistro (Orchard Gateway)

There are more restaurants and cafes opening in Orchard gateway which is just across from where my office is located at. The directory in the mall can be quite complicated, unless you noticed promotional flyers or walk around that mall, then you will be able to see what are the new restaurants or cafes.

On the 2nd level of Orchard gateway is a bistro which my colleagues often went and I decided to join them lunch one of the days. This bistro has an interesting name "Supply & Demand", remind me of the Econs which I disliked so much. :p The bistro itself has a very European feel. 

An interesting thing that caught my eyes is this bistro served different flavours of tea such as Chocolate tea? I have my usual cappuccino while my colleagues tried the different types of tea. I have no appetite that day, so only order one to two items to share with them. 

Sweet potato fries


Hawaiin Pizza


I'm sorry I do not have the prices, because one of the colleagues made the payment first. I wasn't in the mood that day so I only had cappuccino and 2 slices of the pizza! I chipped in $17 for my share. I heard from colleagues that the tea were pretty nice, but the cappuccino in my opinion is not that good. It lacks the fragrant aroma of coffee and I do not really like the chocolate syrup on top of the foam. As for foodwise, the pizza is acceptable with the thin crust, I do not get too sick of it. Oh ya, the sweet potato fries is pretty good with a tinge of the sweet potato taste and not oily too. The price is on the high side though, so I don't think I will visit this bistro that often. :) 

Supply & Demand Italian Bistro
277 Orchard Road
#02-13/14 Orchard Gateway
Tel: 6702 6218
Mon-Sun: 11.30am-10.30pm   

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