Monday, 10 November 2014

Royal China - Top 3 Dimsum Restaurants in Singapore

I have been neglecting this space for quite some time because I was so so so busy! I went for a short getaway to Bangkok earlier this month, it was such a last minute trip planned 3 weeks ago with Singapore Airlines & Glow Pratunam. I'm glad that I have such a super ON travelling buddy who said OK the moment I asked her!

Thank you girl, travelling has always been so steady with you!

Back to the Dim Sum post, I have been wanting to try Royal China after I heard how good it was. The colleagues went in January this year when I was in Amsterdam, so when they know I wanted to go try the dimsum, they accompanied me there again this time round! I have super nice colleagues :)

The restaurant is located on the 3rd level of Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade.

I fall in love with the Tiffany blue deco at first sight with the calming Chinese song in the background! It was raining and I was so hungry, all I had in mind was Liu Sha Bao! 

I think we ordered a number of dimsum which we liked, Liu Sha Bao is a MUST for me to those who know me well. :)

After seeing the above photos, I'm drooling now! I really really loveeeee the Liu Sha Bao so much, it won Taste Paradise both hands down. There's mango in the Liu Sha Bao but you can't really feel that strong taste, it mingles well with the custard. Another thing to praise is the Cheong Fun - it is stir-fried instead of the usual steamed type. It is pretty unique but it tastes really good! For the Har Gao, I'm not a fan usually because I don't like Har Gao skin which are too thick. The ones at Royal China were really good & tasty, skin is just nice with the freshness of the prawn filling inside. Yum yum! The 3 of us finished all the dimsum ordered! There were still room for desserts, I ordered the Mango Pomelo which was too sweet to my liking. :( Gab's dessert taste pretty good and refreshing, I can't remember the name but I know there's apple, aloe vera if I'm not wrong.

I can't remember the price, but we paid less than $30 per pax for 3 of us. I really love the dimsum here and would love ot bring my family to try one day. :)

Royal China
Raffles Hotel Arcade
1 Beach Road
Tel: 6338 3363
Mon - Sun: 12:00 - 15:00
                   18:00 - 22:30

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