Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Staycation - Parkroyal Hotel on Beach Road

The mister and me had another impromptu staycation this year and it was booked on that very day when he suggested going for a 3D2N staycation where he doesn't need to work on a saturday! I welcome that idea because it would be good to spend quality time together and chilling out. I searched through the online booking site and finally  settled on Parkroyal Hotel on Beach road since the price was quite reasonable and within our budget. It cost around less than $400 for 3D2N stay.

*credits to google

Judging by the exterior, it is quite an old hotel but they are undergoing through revamp the time I had staycation early this year (because they upgraded me to a deluxe room). 

The room was quite dimly-lit but overall condition was still quite good. We bought our dinner to have it in the room and we also bought sashimi & wine for supper! We enjoyed this type of relaxing life once in a while. After eating and rested for a while, the mister was watching the soccer match while I decided to explore the gym. 

The gym has a beautiful view while I was using the equipments and jogging on the treadmill. I spent an hour there, burning off the calories. 

It was wasted doing exercise because we had supper in the room! We had our favorite sashimi and wine!

I only remembered feeling very sleepy after eating and went to bed after that while the mister continued watching the TV. The bed was huge and comfy enough to sleep all the way till daybreak! 

I woke up early and pester the mister to go for breakfast at Symmetry Cafe and he indeed did fall in love with the breakfast too. 

We really nua the whole afternoon in room after breakfast and catch an evening swim before I walked to Bugis to buy dinner (because I was very very hungry!) while the mister was soaking in bathtub with a can of beer. -.-" While I was walking back to the hotel, someone came running towards me and it was the bf himself, so sweet of him to worry I buy alot of food and needed some help. 

We also had sashimi again with red wine this time round, the sashimi was really good and fresh! Looking at the photo, I really missed such staycation! 

I hope for another staycation soon with my boy! 

ParkRoyal on Beach Road
7500A Beach Road
Singapore 199591

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  1. I would love to spend my time with my wife in this hotel too. $400 for 3D2N is inexpensive.