Thursday, 15 October 2015

Eclipse Bingsu & Coffee - *NEW* [CLOSED]

**Please note that Eclipse Bingsu & Coffee has closed!

There's a new cafe on the block which is just few days old and how I got to know of it is because of the bf as he knows one of the owners of this cafe. I will be giving my most honest opinion in this post just like how I have been giving my straightforward comments in other posts.

We were there to see the the renovation of the cafe 2 weeks ago and I was wondering what would be the concept of this cafe? The design was simple and maybe a little "industrial" feel with the wooden/glass table and wooden bar counter. I guess the owners put in a lot of hard work as most the decorations were DIY.

I decided to check out if the cafe were opened on one of our date nights and surprisingly, they were still open at 11pm when we paid the area a visit! 

I finally saw the signboard and the types of food they were selling and I think the main focus were BINGSU ! Yes, it's the Korean Shaved Ice which is in trend now! 

Interior of the cafe:

The tables are suitable for large crowds and tables for 2-3 pax will only be available next week so I guess for smaller crowd, you may need to share tables. :) 

I took a look at the menu and were glad to see they do serve regular size (smaller version) bingsu instead of those larger bingsu. As I was still feeling full from the supper previously, I ordered a red bean bingsu ($7.90) to share with the bf.

I had a chat with one of the owners - the area were near to Kaplan institution, Laselle and hostels etc so students have a 10% discount if they flash their student pass! They have launched a lunch set which cost $18.90, including main course, drink and bingsu (dessert). The lunch set price may seem a little on the high side, but this is due to the bingsu.  

I was a little surprised to see that it comes in a cup rather than a bowl? To be honest, I do face a little difficulty eating in a cup and the owner did mentioned that this is their concept for the regular size and they do have better idea for the future consumption which I don't think I will reveal much here. :) 

Perhaps I'm not really a bingsu person, so the first few mouthfuls of the ice were bland and by the time you reached the middle portion, it was quite sweet. The owner did mentioned that bingsu from other cafes - you add the milk accordingly to your taste but at Eclipse, they added the milk (almost every layer of shaved ice) into every bingsu. I really can't give too much comment about the bingsu.

I will try the main course and coffee next time so that I can give comments of my overall experience of this cafe. The coffee will only be ready by next week!

Another thing is there's NO service charge & GST too!

I think they have adjusted their operation hours till 11pm. 

1A Short Street
Tel: 9856 1562
12noon-11pm Daily 

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