Friday, 7 October 2016

Day 3 of Taiwan 2016 - Taipei

I shall continue the post on Day 3... You can read Day 2 here

We were supposed to go ShiFen, JiuFen areas on this day but because we slept late the previous night, we decided to give ShiFen a miss! :x 

If we had booked a personal driver, I believe we still can go to these places. We decided to save the money and took the train (TRA) instead which means more time taken, so we had to be decisive for some destinations! [There's a numerous times of changing trains to ShiFen and only one train per hour so it's good that we skipped that area.] We comforted ourselves that by putting sky lantern, it is not environmental-friendly because it will add on to the "garbage" on the hills. >.<

We went to Taipei Station to take the TRA to Ruifang station (45 minutes journey), we paid using the EZcard. Upon reaching the station, we had to cross the road to a bus stop further down the street to take the bus to JiuFen. Before reaching the bus stop, the bf saw an old store which sell Pork Ribs Noodle soup and he wanted to eat it since it was still drizzling. 

I ordered a lurou fan for myself too! It was really so yummy - I'm missing the taste now. 

I don't understand why it rained everytime I go to JiuFen - it really dampen the mood. LOL~~~ Oh ya, there was an air raid exercise that day, the siren would go off around 1.30pm and everybody/vehicles had to stop, no cars or human beings can wander on the road, you will be fined if you do that. There were many police officers stationed on very part of the road. The bus driver was in a bad mood because of the air raid and I find him super unfriendly! 

I was in JiuFen so the air raid doesn't really affect me, but I had to carry an umbrella to walk through the crowded streets of JiuFen! We stopped by interesting stalls for food or buying the 土产, I even got flower tea leaves from JiuFen! As it was still raining, we stopped by a cafe for hot tea while waiting for the rain to stop. 

I regretted going back to the same teahouse, the drink was horrible. The bf also mocked at me for choosing a lousy place.:X

I was impatient and wanted to leave asap! Oh ya, I did tried 赖阿婆芋圆 but since this was the 2nd time I had eaten so there was no photo. The standard dropped a lot, I feel the blackballs/Nine Fresh in Singapore are better than 赖阿婆 now. I tried one 芋圆 in Taichung and it was so much nicer - I will update it in the Taichung post later. 

We also tried the fishball stall which serves different types of fishballs soup - it was ok for me, the bf felt that it's nothing special!

Here's the century egg and flower tea I bought from JiuFen - the century egg taste different from Singapore but it was really good.

I think we spent 2-3 hours at JiuFen before we proceed to take bus to KeeLung. I wanted to go to the MiaoKou Night Market.

The journey was around 40 minutes and there was a couple who wanted to go there too, so I followed blindly at where they alight (they did ask the driver where to alight too, so follow them confirm correct). 

It's not easy to find public toilet in Taiwan because there were so many street stalls so we went to one fast food chain order some snacks so that we can use the toilet there. :) We rested for a while - the bf was chatting with his colleague while I called my mum and chatted for 15 minutes! 

We then walked to the night market, my first stop was this sweet potato balls and it was damn delicious - the sweet potato taste linger in the mouth!

When you see a stretch of yellow lanterns, you have reached MiaoKou Night Market

There were so many food which I wanted to try at this market but my tummy was still full!

There was this 奶油螃蟹 which was quite famous but our tummies have no space for it. The must-try is stall number 31 - lurou fan! This is one of the famous food in this night market. Please skip the fried toufu because it was nothing fantastic.

We continued to explore other stalls till the mister saw this fried tempuras and 蟹肉羹, it was indeed delicious!

Our last food at this night market was the 三兄弟豆花 - we ordered their signature warm 豆花. 

The syrup was made of ginger so it taste kind of sweet and spicy - warmed our tummies! The 豆花 was smooth in texture.

After this last dish at MiaoKou Night Market, we decided to walk to Keelung Train Station to take a train to Songshan station where RaoHe Night Market is located at. I think we were pretty "power" to visit 2 night markets in one night. :D  The journey took around 40 minutes if I'm not wrong. I did not know that there's a new Songshan MRT station now, so people did not need to take to HoushanPi station and walk through WuFenPu to get to RaoHe. (Songshan station is 6 stations away from Ximen so it's easier for me to get back to the hotel too.)

Another thing is the bf thought of leaving all the items bought in the locker at Songshan station so we do not need to lug so many things with us when shopping in RaoHe. I think the locker cost NT20 for 3 hours. 

The night market was 2 long stretches of stalls and it was pretty easy to walk around

You can see long queue at the entrance of the night market - the famous pepper buns!


We had to get one to eat as usual and we continue walking down the street till we saw 药炖排骨 (I admit I watched those typical aunty Taiwan drama such as “夜市人生”) and it made me tempted to try this delicacy in the night market! I did not regret it - it was really yummy and I had to ask the stall owner to refill the soup 3 times! :) 

We also tried other street food at Raohe night market - photos time!


We dabao the food back to the hotel and eat at our comfort with my bubble tea and his beer while watching the movies on TV.

I had to rest early that night because i would be paying a short visit to my Taiwan office the next morning! 

I will update day 4 soon, but I may update about my recent bangkok trip too since I just came back and memory still fresh in mind! :)   

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