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The BIG "3" Birthday Vacation in Bangkok Part One - 2016

This year's birthday is a little special because I get to spend it overseas with my love! This was an impromptu decision because we only bought our tickets in August. :)

Jetstar for 2 (including taxes, 30kg from SG and 50kg coming back from BKK): S$230
3 nights accomodation (including taxes): S$369 [original price was S$500 plus ] 

**Accomodation was at Centara Grand at CentralWorld (which is above S.E.A largest mall)

If you need some "tricks" on how to get more discounts on booking accomodation, please feel free to drop me a message, I can help. I managed to apply 2 types of discount which explains why the accomodation is so much cheaper.

28-Sep-2016 (Wednesday)

Our flight was at 10.45am, I did not want an early flight so that it will not be so rushed for us. I wanted a more relax trip! We reached the airport at 8.30am though, there's ample time before the flight!

How can I forget an ootd at the airport? :p

I always grumbled at the mister for lousy photoshoot. :x I need to train him more. :p 

We managed to sleep a while on the flight and landed in Bangkok around 12.20 BKK time. By the time we reached the hotel by taxi (410 Bhat), it was nearly 2pm. The room was not ready so we had to go for lunch as my tummy was growling.

The hotel lobby was located on 23rd level and we had to take the lift down to 7th level, walked a few steps via the multi-storey carpark which is connected to the foodhall/supermarket of Central World. There were so many restaurants on the 7th level of the mall and I saw some of the cafes/eateries which I'm interested in! 

We proceeded to the 6th level where I wanted to bring the mister to Yum Saap - my all-time favourite local Thai restaurant which was pocket-friendly. (But then, I realised Bangkok is no longer as affordable/cheap like before. Maybe it is still cheaper than SG but not like before!)

This cost around S$20 - the pandan leaves chicken was really yummilicious!

Yum Saap
Central World, 999/9 ถนน พระราม 1 Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
10am-10pm daily

After we finished the meal, I told the mister I wanted to eat the ice cream in the form of a rose. The cafe is located on the 7th level. I chose the extra dark & chocolate mint flavour. Price: 159 bhat (S$6.26)

He always patterns many many - wanted me take photos of him giving me eat the ice-cream and presenting me the "flower". This was the first "flower" he bought for me - more practical. While eating halfway, I saw a small cockroach near the seat of the cafe so I decided to make a move. :(

Frozen Bride 
Central World 7th Level
10.30am-9.30pm daily

Our room was ready by then! We gotten a room on the 41st level - 4123. 

Although the exterior of the hotel looks grand, the interior was a little old already. There was a huge bathtub too! The view was overlooking Siam Paragon too which was just a short walking distance away via the skybridge connecting to Central World. 

We rested a while before making our way to Siam area because I want to check out Melissa Shoes for the kids. Melissa shoes are much cheaper in Bangkok but there was no sale during the time I went. Though it is still cheaper than SG but I understand that it can get as cheap as S$30 - S$60 when there are SALES! 

I chose Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center for dinner - this is my favourite place for their crabmeat pasta and mini chicken wings! I'm so disappointed in this place now - service was really bad and the food standard has dropped! They will be opening a branch in Singapore (Paragon), I hope they maintained the good standard and service for it. 

This meal cost around S$35.00 . I left with disappointed tummy. :( 

GreyHound Cafe
Siam Discovery 989 อาคาร สยามเซ็นเตอร์ ชั้น 3 ถนน พระราม 1 Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

We walked for quite a while around Siam Square street night markets (fyi, the street markets are no longer available) before heading to Chang Massage which is highly recommended in most blogs. I have always go to Chang Massage in the past - it cost 300 bhat (S$11.80) per hour for body/foot massage. You can easily find any massage parlours anywhere in bangkok from 150 bhat to 400 bhat per hour.

It's back to hotel for the night's rest as I was feeling quite tired although it was only 10pm. 

29-Sep-2016 (Thursday)

I was thinking to go shopping on my own in the morning so that I can let the mister sleep more. I was surprised that he woke up and asked if I wanted to go swimming. He wanted to swim while I just want to wear bikini and soak in the water. (No bikini photos because my mum and mister will kill me if I uploaded any :p). 

The mister was craving for the Soi 19 Wanton mee though this was not in my itinerary. So we ended up having wanton mee & pig trotter for brunch. The price has increased to 100 bhat (S$3.94)! It was twice the price as before! There was a reason why it cost 100 bhat now - there was real crabmeat in the wanton mee now, but portion still very small.

There's no branch in SG at all so don't compare the noodles between SG and BKK. The pig trotter was so good that I keep eating non-stop! I think our meal cost around S$16 - quite expensive. 

It was shopping at platinum mall after brunch and I only shopped for few items this time round. Things were really not cheap like before! We shopped till around 4pm and we had our tea break at the foodcourt. We had fish maw soup and pad thai  -- the pad thai was not nice!

Coconut taste the best when in Thailand!

We dabao the Mango sticky rice which was really good!

I saw that the 6th level had undergone through some major changes and there's a beauty buffet shop now where I can get really nice handcream! I fell in love with the handcream which Jia bought for me before. :) There's a provision shop there which sell certain items cheaper than Big C hypermarket - I bought the Nestea (thai milktea) at 90 bhat (S$3.54). 

We headed back to the hotel after the shopping and I went alone to the Jelly Dreams store and bought 3 pairs of Melissa Kids shoes. We were supposed to go to the night market but decided to postpone to the next day because we decided to shop 5000 bhat (S$196.85) at Central World so that we can get the Ralph Lauren bag. We had no idea what else to buy - the mister pulled me into Michael Kors, Kate Spade & Coach and insisted to get a bag/wallet for me. I keep rejecting because I wanted us to save the money and I still have my Prada wallet in good condition and my mum has gotten me a new bag lately too. 

I decided to get a Cath Kidston x Winnie the Pooh pouch because Cath Kidston launched this new disney collection on 27-Sep-2016. There's also a 5% discount for tourists. :) Thanks the mister for paying it. 

We decided to dabao the street stall grilled fish back to the hotel for dinner because the mister wanted to go to the rooftop bar. There's an event outside Central World which sell creative drinks & food so I got the flavoured honey lemon drink and octopus balls too. 

By the time we finished dinner, it was around 10.30pm. The dresscode was smart casual so we changed and took the lift to the 54th level. Service was so-so at the bar *shake-head*. 

The mister suddenly kissed me and said "Happy Birthday Baby" , I checked the timing, it was 12 midnight SG time (11pm BKK time). The mister is always so cheeky yet romantic when he feels like it.  

We moved up 1 more level to 55th level where the rooftop bar was located at. It has very nice and romantic view!


All of a sudden, I can feel raindrops! It started from slight drizzling to heavier raindrops so we moved to other seats but still seeing the beautiful view. A cake was suddenly placed on our table - the mister had arranged this surprise during our shopping at Central World - I feel so loved by him as always! Thanks for everything you have done for me! :)

I think this is such a long post, will update in 2 different posts! :) 

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