Thursday, 20 October 2016

Day 5-6 of Taiwan 2016 - Taipei

I have previously ended my post on day 4 and here is day 5 and probably day 6 too!

We checked out of the hotel in Taipei at around 7.45am because we are taking the HSR to Taichung! :) It was around an hour journey from Taipei to Taichung. 

We booked a personal driver in advance for the Taichung trip because transport infrastructure was not so advanced in Taichung. If you are in Taichung, you can only rely on mostly taxis or public buses (if you don't find it a hassle) within this beautiful city. 

The driver was at HSR station to pick us up at 9.30am. Upon entering his car, he even prepared fruits (guava and rockmelon) for us! The fruits was still cold because he prepared an ice pack for it. 

Our 1st destination was to 中社花市 - it was a beautiful place with different types of flowers! Here's more photos:

This driver helps to take very pretty photos too! He gave us time to walk around this pretty place and we only go back to his car once we walked enough :) 

Our next destination was 百菇莊 -- a mushroom farm!

The fried mushroom was really yummy and they do sell snacks such as mushrooms biscuits which is a must-buy there!

After the mushroom farm, we headed to Lavender garden.

We had our free & easy time - no rush at all since the driver will be waiting for us at the entrance! 

My love for carousel since  young, it's like a fairytale!

I think the entrance fees is NT100 per pax (if I'm not wrong), you can use the tickets to pay for the food or buy souvenirs within the garden. 

I use it for coffee beans where I grounded it myself and choosing a cup with background story.

What a beautiful ambience with a nice cup of coffee!

I also tried the lavender ice-cream, nothing special. :p

I wanted to go fruit farm to experience the joy/nature of plucking fruits, but nobody pick up the phone so we had to leave it till next time. :( 

The driver brought us to try yam balls (东东芋圆) which he claimed was really famous & good! He did not lie, it was really good, better than the ones in Jiufen!

We decided to skip the Xinshe Castle because the entrance fees was quite expensive. But the castle is good for photos-taking if you like castle scenery.

I asked the driver if there's any nice sun biscuits in Taichung so he brought us to this 如意堂 - I don't like the sun biscuits there but I love their almond biscuits! We bought a box of it. Even if you do not buy any, it is alright. You will be treated like a VIP the moment you step in to the shop, they will serve you tea and let you try whatever snacks you want. 

It was going to be 6pm so I asked the driver to send us to Lavida Hotel where we will be staying for the night. It is at the entrance of Feng Chia night market. One thing good about this driver is - he won't charged for OT even if you exceeded 6pm. He is quite a famous driver for Taichung Tour.

Here is his contact:


We booked a more luxurious room because there's TV in the bathroom. :p

La Vida Hotel
Address: No. 275-2, Section 2, Xitun Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407
Phone: +886 4 2451 7722 

Here are some of my favourite stalls at Feng Chia Night Market. Oh ya, there's a Minglun 蛋饼 across the road from the hotel which is the entrance of the night market. The  蛋饼 is super nice!

We had our dinner/supper in the room! Actually if you calculated, the dinner is not cheap because you will definitely buy few varieties from the night market. But who cares? Go holidays definitely must enjoy to the max!

I did not take much photos for day 6 because it's the day we had to leave Taiwan :(

Here's some snacks photos which I bought in Ximending.

Famous 鸭肉扁



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