Tuesday, 21 November 2017

無老鍋 - 台湾必吃火鍋

Long time no see, my dear blog~~~ I have been busy & lazy to update new food places :)
I just came back some time ago from my week long Taiwan trip with Mum & Sis - we went to Taichung, Cingjing & Taipei! 

I'm suffering from post-holidays syndrome now.. Haha! I'm looking forward to Hong Kong trip in 7 weeks with my dearest gf, it's been a long while since I travelled with her on an airplane. 

I'm going to write about a steamboat - 無老鍋 in Taiwan today, I have came across reviews about this online and the sister also told me about it thus it became my "must-eat" during the trip. There's many outlets in Taiwan and just nice there is one outlet in Taichung so I went to eat for lunch on my first day in Taiwan. I walked a long way from 审计新村 as the mum wants to help her friend buy the famous 小林煎饼 snacks. 

**Credits to Google Image**

Waiting time was around 10 minutes as I reached there approximately 2.30pm. 

The moment we sat down, we saw this.

This is not drinks, it is soup for you to refill.

I love both the taste of the soup and there's free flow of Duck Blood, so so so love it!

There's not much varieties of food but the food standard are quite good especially the scallops!

Last but not least, when you have finished the steamboat, a special type of smoothie will be provided to you to cleanse your palate. I love the 水蜜桃 flavour, sour sour taste. :p 

The overall cost is about SGD 100 which is not cheap and can be compared to HaiDiLao. Of course, the service is also very good her, the staff keep bowing 90degrees like japanese service. 

Tel:     04-2319-1158 或 24小時線上訂位
Address:     台中市公益路二段74號  
Opening Hours: 11.30am t0 4am daily

I can't wait to bring the mister there during our March mini-honeymoon trip. 

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