Monday, 12 June 2017

Midst of Miss becoming Mrs

Yes, I'm getting married! =) 

We had initially thought of a simple wedding but it is always never about 2 persons but 2 families so now I'm getting headache and stressed over the planning. :p But lucky our wedding is in 2018 so I still have plenty of time to do research. 

We have confirmed our wedding dinner at one of the hotel and deposit has been placed to secure our booking. That's one thing off the checklist. I have also just confirmed a photobooth, going to place deposit by end of this month. I'm now looking around bridal shops for actual day packages, the things included are almost the same but the price may differs.

The first bridal shop I went to was in JB, Malaysia when the mister and me had a 3D2N staycation at DoubleTree Hilton near Citysquare mall. I will update that in a separate post. I went to Digio Bridal Cafe but the price was not to my liking. :p I then headed next door to H Gallery and I tried on 3 white gowns and an evening gown, I liked the white gown most especially the bottom mermaid design but the back is not revealing enough. The mister liked the evening gown though. I like classic design with a little bit of sexiness. :) The price is quite good for the whole package (less than SGD 700), though it doesn't include Kua (tea dress) and makeup. 

Back to the shops in SG, I went to Malena Bridal Haute Couture during GSS sale and the package price they offered were pretty decent. I like the white gowns but evening gowns were limited so I had my hesitations. Since this was GSS sale, the SA was trying to ask me to take their package since I like their gowns. When it comes to slightly huge amount, I will think twice instead of impulse decision as I haven't seen around other bridal shops. The SA said I won't be able to get this price again if I left but I said it's ok, I will come back again if I really like the package. 

I have made appointment at La Belle Couture soon because I really like their gowns design. I have also contacted Digio Bridal and The Gown Warehouse, am hoping I can find something I like and confirming it soon.

I have also checked out our wedding bands from Love & Co. and I'm thinking to check it out at Michael Trio too. I'm not sure if we should have it custom-made instead, as Nelly has recommended me to check out Josi Gem. But let me settle my actual day package first. :) 

It can be an excited yet scary thing to plan for a wedding, nothing grand but full of blissful feeling. I'm so happy to have found the right man and he is putting in effort in running around finding the perfect gown I want.  =) 

I can't wait for the day to arrive to marry the love of my life! 

P.S: Please leave down your email address in the comment box if you want to find out more about the package price or what is included. :) 

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