Monday, 23 December 2013

Melaka Road Trip Dec 2013

Went on an impromptu trip to Melaka and it was a memorable trip! I gained 1 kg from this trip and is trying to shed it off now. :p 

We drove to Melaka from Singapore at around 7.30am through Tuas checkpoint but there was traffic jam at the custom so we only managed to get into Malaysia around 9am. We started our road trip on the NS highway but there were so much cars. I guess it's weekend and school holidays thus many people were driving to Malaysia. We stopped by a pit stop for a little rest and had breakfast - it was more of a American style breakfast and it tastes quite good too! We continue our journey soon after and we began finding our way after arriving at entrance of Melaka, it was quite straight forward as Melaka is a small town. I think we arrived Majestic Malacca Hotel at 12.30pm. From the exterior of the building, it looks quite old with historical story, but the interior is beautiful with nostalgic feel! 

Front of Majestic Hotel

Childhood snacks - free flow for guests

Check-in counter



Free flow snacks

A staff will bring you up to the room and show you the hotel facilities on the way. Our room is located on 8th Level and we were served traditional Chinese Tea in a basket! I loved the bathroom the most because of the nostalgic feel.

Welcome drink

The Bathroom!
We had a good view of Melaka riverside from the room window, I regretted not taking the photo of the good view! :( Rested for a while before we head out for the long awaited chicken rice balls. We went to the one around the corner of the hotel - Famosa Chicken rice balls. The rice balls is a little dry on the outside, Kampong chicken is nice, chilli is spicy, Otah fish cake is nice too!

Famosa Chicken Rice Balls

Famosa Chicken Rice Balls
TEL : +606-286 0122 
Business Hours :
8.00am - 9.00pm    ( Monday - Thursday )
8.00am - 10.00pm     ( Friday - Sunday )

After lunch, we walked along the row of shophouses, passing by the heritage area before reaching Jonker street! We saw the Cheng Ho ship and next to it is the famous 三叔公 local goodies store. There were many people having the durian chendol so we queued up for it too and it was amazingly superb! The durian taste is strong (fyi, I have never tried much chendol before in Singapore).

Durian Chendol
We bought some local goodies too such as Tau Sar Piah, I'm missing the food now when writing this post. :( The 和记 chicken rice balls is located 2 doors away and we queued a little while before securing table. The rice is moist & good but the chicken meat lose to Famosa, I guess.

和记 chicken rice
Hoe Kee Chicken Rice
468 Jalan Hang Jebat
75200 Melaka,
(60) 6-283 4751

After eating the chicken rice, we walked down the stretch of Jonker Street and looking at the interesting stuffs in several shops. It was raining a while, then weather become humid again. We walked to the front stage till around 5pm and we decided to go to the Foot Massage parlour located at Jonker's Boutique Hotel while waiting for the night market stalls to be set up. We took a 40 minutes foot massage & decided to add on 20 minutes shoulder massage. The foot massage is good with the correct strength but not the back massage (suppose to be shoulder, but not sure why is it back massage). Just before lying down for the back massage, I saw a huge "JERRY" (Yes! A rat!) crawling above the bed. I could not relax throughout the massage. [Updates: my back was bruised that night because I think the masseur used too much strength already. :p] 

We started to walk back the street with many night market stalls set up. Upon reaching the first stall, I was tempting to try their stingray and oyster omelette. 

This is good! I'm missing it already!

Sambal Stingray

We began walking down the street again and eating more food and buying more stuffs! We were done by 7.30pm and we took a walk down Malacca River and walk all the way back to the Hotel. We passed by back alley where people were eating cockles, kangkong with cuttlefish & rojak - an interesting sight & culture in Malacca. There's a roadside stall near the hotel which we bought Kangkong with cuttlefish & rojak up to the room to eat. It was delicious and cost RM 10 only! It was only 9.30pm and I also did my first LEGO toys in life, LOL! It was fun too. I did not sleep much throughout the night because I think my mind was too active from watching HK drama before my sleep.

I woke up around 7.30am the next day and we had breakfast around 9.30am. Breakfast selection was not much and some of it was good.

We nua in room after breakfast all the way till 12 noon check-out and drove all the way back to SG.

It was indeed a good & memorable trip to Melaka! :) Till our next journey again...

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