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Day 2 of Taiwan 2013 (18 Jan 2013) - Taroko Gorge & Cingjing

Continue from the day one of the Taiwan trip, here is the updates for day two!

We woke up quite early as the guide, Mr Zeng would be coming to pick us up at 8am to go to Taroko Gorge and to Cingjing. Fyi, Mr Zeng is the husband of Ms Gu who was our guide for day one.

Pacific Ocean view from the balcony at 7am

The breakfast served at this hotel was fantabulous and I quite enjoyed it too! They had traditional porridge with side dishes and my favourite bun too!

Buffet Breakfast

Hotel Bayview (七星潭度假饭店)
No10 Mingtan St, Sincheng Township Hualien County 971, Taiwan
Tel: 03-8232345

Mr Zeng came to pick us up, total 6 of us, as I posted a question in Tripadvisor forum if anyone would like to share the cost of the guide/vehicle with us so there were 4 young teenagers who shared the van with us. Our first stop was 曾記麻糬 (mochi) which is very famous in Hualien!

Some of the mochis were freshly made and have to be consumed on the day

Some of the stars! Jay Chou and even Sharon Au from Singapore

They have a few branches and if you take a taxi, most drivers will know where to bring you to. Mr Zeng brought us to the following branch which is on the way to Taroko Gorge. He even treated us to freshly handmade peanut mochi which are super yummy!

曾記麻糬 (太魯閣門市)

Here are some photos of Taroko Gorge:

It was around 1pm when we had to proceed to Cingjing which was in Taichung! As I get car-sick easily so I took a pill and sit next to the driver so I won't feel terrible through the winding road! I'm so lucky I took the pills because all the other passengers were vomiting halfway the journey! The driver is very skillful to drive through the narrow winding roads with so many heavy vehicles.

We stopped in the middle of the narrow road to enjoy the view!

We proceeded to 合欢山 before going to our Minsu (民宿)  in Cingjing (清境). We were lucky to experience ice and snow! It was my first time seeing snow too and it was super cold that I was shivering!


I'm not a person afraid of cold, but u can see from here how cold I was!

We got back to the vehicle and proceed to our minsu in Cingjing. I chose 清境普羅旺斯玫瑰莊園 (Provence Rose Lodge) which is more of a European style. The price is abit on the higher side but it is still within our budget and since we are travelling so I don't mind paying a little more. I think it cost around S$150 per night and we were only staying one night there. The price included high-tea & dinner for 2 so I find it quite worth it! It was 3 degree celsius when we were there.

The room - their bed has got heater on it too

The wooden bathtub

There's a fireplace too and there is extra cost if you want to start a fire

Dinner in the minsu which is not very nice

Dinner in the minsu which is not very nice
Interior of the restaurant, very european feel

High-tea is included

                                                南投縣仁愛鄉清境台14甲線 清境農場

We walk out to a small area where they have convenience shops and some restaurants where we can hanged out at. 

Steamboat in the cold weather!

These ice cream will not melt even in 30 minutes

It was getting colder so we walked back to the minsu to rest for the day. I'm excited for the next day because we are going to see sheeps! Wait for my updates till then.

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