Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Acne Skin Recovery Journey

I'm going to share more about my acne history to recovery stage in this post. 

I think ever since Secondary skin, my skin became oily and prone to acne outbreaks which causes me to be quite upset about it. I have had hormones imbalance issues which cause the outbreak. It was till only after secondary school then my skin improves. 

But due to the medication take in 2012, my hormones became imbalanced again and my acne outbreak became worse and I put on weight easily. I went to Niks Clinic and spend 1-2k seeing the doctors, things did improved but not as good once I'm getting used to their products. I tried using products like Hada Labo and my skin get irritated easily because I'm used to the product by Niks Salon. I stopped going to Niks Clinic ever since 2013 and my skin was quite bad and I get depressed easily at the conditions of my face and the amount of weight I'm putting on. :( 

Things gradually improved when I started visting Dr Georgia Lee for the first time in Jan 2014. I was prepared to spend a huge amount seeing Dr Lee because she is well known as the Celebrity Doctor! When I met Dr Lee for the first time, I was surprised that she is so friendly and her skin was maintained quite well even without makeup. I had my first consultation and was to take the Roacutane pills 2 times a week, these pills control the oil on my face. It was indeed good as my face was not as oily as before. I also did the skin peel and IPL on my 2nd visit. The IPL would be able to lighten those red scars on my face. 

Dr Lee's Clinic

Some things happened lately and I have been losing sleep for over a month. I tried to sleep but I could not sleep at all and if I can sleep 1-2 hours, I would be very happy. My skin got worse past 2 weeks due to lack of sleep and not eating well. But I'm glad it is better now and no other acne outbreak. "Touchwood" 

Outbreak due to lack of sleep past 2 weeks

Outbreak due to lack of sleep past 2 weeks

I'm also trying to take warm milk at night to help me fall asleep. It did helps at time. I hope the Nespray full cream milk powder will not make me put on weight. 

Due to so many things which happened lately, I know people do care for me. Everyone have been wondering where is the old confident me - the one who always dressed up so well, the one who got character and is always so nice! I will try to be back the confident self again but I'm changing. I won't be the always so nice girl anymore, therefore I'm sorry to some of you guys if I have been attitude to you this period of time. Because someone has taught me never to treat one so well and to trust that person, else the outcome will be very bad. I learnt a very painful lesson. I have to protect myself. 

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