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Day 3 of Taiwan 2013 (19 Jan 2013) - Cingjing & Taichung

Here is day 3 of the Taiwan trip.. You can read day 2 here..

We were awake quite early because we are going to Cingjing Farm to see meh-meh which is one of my favourite! 

Here is one of my favourite scenery when I woke up to take a hot shower. The countryside view - how I wished I can retired in this beautiful country.

Maples leaves during winter

I realised I did not take much photos of the breakfast in this minsu. I only had a small portion which is shown here. 

Nothing fantastic but their bread are freshly made from the oven

We took the minsu shuttle to Cingjing Farm and you get discounted ticket price if you have gotten the Youth Travel pass from airport if you are below 31 years old.

There were some horses & ponies on display before the start of the shows so I immediately snap one picture with the charming white horse.

Ok, where's my prince?

The sheep shearing show starts around 9am and I think only the first part where the dog chases the meh-meh is interesting to watch, the rest are kind of boring. 

The show lasted for around 20 minutes and it's time for us to go feed the meh-mehs! Kindly please note that the sheep shearing show is only available on weekends. If you go on a weekday will be better in my opinion, because the sheeps are roaming around freely on the grass! I would love to go back to Cingjing again. 

Baa-baa white sheeps, have you any wool?

Ok I admit I was scared of their sticky saliva

After feeding the meh-mehs, we roamed around that area and went into a shop which reared bees and sell honey. We bought a bottle of honey and 2 bottles of royal jelly from this shop.

We hired a driver/van to pick us up at 10.30am to drive us back to minsu to collect our stuffs before making our way to several attractions then to Taichung for the night. I can't remember the driver's contact but if you need it, do PM me so I can go dig out the namecard in my drawer.

Our first stop was 18°C 巧克力工房 and next to it was also the famous gelato cafe. There were long queues at both sides. I bought the chocolates and it really was very nice! But it weren't cheap too. I think I bought 3 pieces of chocolates only. We tried the gelato next and I can say it is the best gelato eaten in life. I have never eaten any gelato which tasted better than the one I had in Taichung.

The driver brought us to an old shop for lunch before proceeding to Puli winery. 

It is in fact a winery museum. 

After Puli winery, we proceed to Sun Moon Lake. We had been to here in 2012 before, so it was kind of bored to be back to the same place again. We decided to do some cycling, that was a bad idea because I'm not good at cycling on the road. :( There were so many passerbys walking and I'm really scared I might fall into the lake halfway when cycling. I also hurt my hand when trying to brake when pedestrians suddenly came into my path.

The lake is indeed beautiful

I was getting on his nerves already, because I wasn't good at cycling. I can cycle in a park, but not much confidence when cycling on the road with vehicles and pedestrians. 

It was time for us to leave Sun Moon Lake after a while and our last stop was Paper Church. I heard that this church is a replica of the original church after it was destroyed by the earthquake. 

It was time to head to Taichung because I want to go to 一中街 (Yizhong street) & 逢甲夜市 (Feng Chia Night Market). I think our journey to Taichung takes around 2 hours, it was nearly 8pm when we reached Taichung Cityinn Hotel. It was a bad idea to choose the cheapest room as I thought we were staying for 1 night only. We don't mind to pay for a better room when travelling. 

Washing Machines & Dryers are available

Free beverages for guests

Very small room around S$68 per night

Free internet

Tibits & drinks are complimentary

We took a cab to Yizhong street which cost around NT200 from the hotel. Yizhong street & Feng Chia Night Market are the best shopping area in Taichung. Shopping is very cheap and there are many varieties of food too. 

This is just one area of Yizhong Street

Yummy street snacks

I bought a number of chic earrings at less than S$2 each only. The area was too huge till I don't know how to walk around that area. It is also difficult to shop if you are travelling with one who is not a fan of shopping too.We took cab to Feng Chia night market. 

The famous papaya milk store with long queue

first time trying 卤味 & I got addicted to it because it is so yummy!

We walked a distance further away from Feng Chia night market where we got a cab back to the hotel. It was near to midnight and we were quite exhausted by then. I did our laundry + using the dryer to dry the clothes till 1.30am while he slept already because we would be in Taiwan for another week so we need to wash some clothes to avoid heavy laundry when back to Singapore. 

Wait for my next post on the best pig trotters in Taichung where it melt in your mouth - collagen!    

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