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Day 4-5 of Taiwan 2013 (20-21 Jan 2013) - Kenting (墾丁)

Continuing from Day 3, here is day 4 of the Taiwan trip. You can view Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

Yes, we are going to Kenting (墾丁), which is the most southern part of Taiwan! Kenting is well known for beach activities and although it is winter time, the weather is not that cold in the south part of Taiwan. 

We had to take the HSR (high speed railway) to Zuoying and then a taxi which I booked beforehand to go directly to Kenting. Before going to Taichung HSR station, we took a taxi to the famous 阿水狮猪脚大王. I have heard of this pig trotter shop in the previous trip and wanted to try it so badly so I cannot miss it this time round! The skin melt in mouth and consists of collagen which women would love it! 

TEL: 886-4-2224-5700 
Opening hours: 10am-9pm daily

After a yummilicious collagen meal, we took the cab to Taichung HSR station to get to Zuoying Station. Zuoying is where KaoHsiung is located at. We had arranged a taxi in advance to go to Kenting. This means we had to share with another 2 pax. There is a Kenting express bus to Kenting, but taking a cab would be more worth it. Let me break it down in this format:

Kenting bus costs - NT290-NT350
Taxi costs - NT350 per pax

Kenting bus travelling time - around 3 hours plus
Taxi - around 2 hours plus

I feel taxi is more worth it because it will take us directly to the minsu we booked, so that we do not have to spend time again finding our accomodation. 

You can contact if you are interested to hire a taxi to Kenting. The driver will pick you up from the HSR station. 

The minsu owner was waiting for us at the entrance. She don't stay there and she have 3 units of rooms so we have the whole area to ourselves. It is quite safe as there's a police coast guard unit next to our minsu. I paid around SGD $60 per night for the minsu.

The coastal guard unit next to the minsu

The pretty minsu facing the sea

The garden of minsu

The coast guard unit next to minsu

Tel: 886-923-388598 

The owner has advised us that the road outside minsu would be quite dark at night and maybe I would be scared to walk so we immediately went to Kenting main street (墾丁大街) to rent a scooter. The rental fee is around NT300 for 24 hours so we paid around NT600 since we are staying 2 nights there. 

We did applied a International driving license before we set off for Taiwan, but the people there don't really check it as long as you have a driving license. (Updates from a gf who just came back from Kenting, it's a must to have International driving license now else you will not be able to rent any scooter at all!)

Ta-da, our 小绵羊

It was really nice travelling on a scooter there because there was not much vehicles on the road. We proceed to one of the shop in Kenting main street and get some information on activities in Kenting. We can purchase activities package from this shop and it is quite worth it! If you do not have time to do the activities which you have purchased, they can give you a refund. 

屏東縣恆春鎮墾丁路34-1號 (墾丁大街-夏天旅店一樓)
Tel: 886-986678677  
5pm-10pm daily
9am-10pm daily (July, August)     

We went for our dinner after that, walked into a shop which sell 热炒, the food was so-so only. He loves the rice ever since he had it in one of the old stall in Sun Moon Lake, and have never eaten any in Taiwan as nice as that.

It was raining, so we walked around main street for a while before going back to the minsu to rest. 

We woke up early the next day and went out for breakfast. Breakfast is not included in the minsu.

We had 蛋饼 which is a very delicious breakfast in Taiwan.  I think there's only this stall in Kenting main street and you should be able to see the signboard. 

We went for the half-submarine ride and it was a very awful activity. The water is not clear enough to see the fishes and the water was too rough that caused the boat to be very bumpy and I felt nauseous that I nearly vomited. 

I remembered wearing this top which is kind of revealing at the side that he nagged at me non-stop

Inside of the half-submarine boat

The water are cloudy

Choppy ride that made my camera are wet too

I regretted this boat trip, therefore I would advise never to take this activity. It would be waste of time & money. 

We proceeded to horse-riding and archery next! 

Here's the 马屁

We then moved next door for the ATV ride, there would be some training before we go in to the forest!

It was quite a thrilling ride and kind of difficult to control once in the forest. We went go-kart after the ATV ride and the go-kart cost NT100 (S$4.30) only, it was very cheap. 

Since there was still time so we went to National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (國立海洋生物博物館) as we heard good reviews about it. We only had around 2 hours to roam around the aquarium as it closed at 5pm. We passed by 小杜包子 while on the way to aquarium, there were many people in Tripadvisor forum who said must tried these bun when in Kenting so I bought a few to try. It was very nice especially the cheese flavour. 

Tel: 886-8-889-9608 , 886-8-888-1328
8am-8pm daily   

Ok, back to the aquarium. From the exterior, I was not that interested to visit this aquarium. Here are some photos.

We went to 出火特别景观区 at night, because of the natural gas in that area, it will spark off fire on its own. 

We were there for a while before we headed off to Kenting main street for our dinner! We were famished by then. We decided to buy takeaway back to the minsu instead.

Fried sweet potato balls

Kenting Main Street

Bought from 7-11, very nice!

Sweet Potato

BBQ corn

The food we dabao back to minsu

The famous super nice 卤味

The famous super nice 卤味

BBQ Oyster - not nice!

This congee is not nice, we throw it away after one mouth

Lipton Strawberry milk tea

Fried milk, sound interesting but not to my liking

Bubble tea

It's end of day 5 for now. Day 6 will update in next post!   

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