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Day 7 of Taiwan 2013 (23 Jan 2013) - Alishan (阿里山)

Continuing from Day 6 of the trip, we are heading to Alishan (阿里山) this time round! Many of us should have heard of this song before; "阿里山的姑娘美如水呀,阿里山的少年壮如山唉"! I've been feeling curious how exactly Alishan is, is it like those mountains with those men & women singing to each other. Haha, I know that type of scenario can only be seen in drama.

Back to waking up in the morning at Kaohsiung, breakfast was delivered to our room!

It was nothing fantastic and I remembered I did not eat much

So we took a the MRT to Zuoying station where we can take the HSR to Chiayi (嘉义). Chiayi reminds me of those Taiwan long-winded dramas (such as 意难忘,爱 etc) which my grandma & mum usually watch. Those dramas often mentioned about Chiayi chicken rice which is famous & nice, but I did not have the opportunity to try it. Till next time then!

There's a public bus outside Chiayi HSR at either 10.10am or 11.40am to go to Alishan, but we are stopping at mid-hill of Alishan where we booked a minsu there. 

If you read Chinese, here are some information: 

搭乘高铁抵达嘉义站后,于高铁站旁的第4公车月台搭乘早上10:10或11:40前往阿里山的公车于【巃头站】下车即可到达民宿。 如错过高铁站两个班次的公车,则可搭乘免费的BRT快捷公车前往嘉义火车站,再搭乘前往阿里山、达邦、奋起湖等三路公车同样于【巃头站】下车即可到达民宿 (Bus fare NT255, 3hrs)

The journey took us 1.5 hours, and we reached the minsu around 1.30pm. 

Courtyard of minsu - imagine sitting here with a cup of hot tea (the weather was quite cold)

Courtyard of minsu

Interior of Minsu

Interior of Minsu

Nice view

We also ordered dinner from the minsu owner as there was no other shops nearby! We checked-in to the room and the minsu owner called a car for us to go to FengChiHu (奋起湖).

The room I chose

No aircon, natural wind/air which is very cooling

Very clean bathroom

Tel: +886-988514789
Est ard S$129 per night

We were famished and all I had in mind is the famous FengChiHu Bento! The driver dropped us at a place where their bento is famous, but I find it so-so. Many local artistes such as Tay Ping Hui, Ann Kok etc have been to this place too. 


After lunch, we walked around FengChiHu, it is mainly a 老街 which I always enjoyed! Here are photos of FengChiHu:

After touring around, we had to rush to catch the 5pm bus back to the minsu. Well, something unhappy happened, and we were almost not on talking terms the whole of the evening. The fatigue-ness and headache we had also made us moody. 

We had dinner at around 7pm. Their dinner was not bad, quite fresh & appetitising.

We went back to the room after dinner where I can watch TV and enjoy my snacks. I slept at around 10pm too because I was having a bad headache and wanna end the bad night soon!

I'm a fan of Doritos when in TW!

Till the next post where I spent last few days in Taipei!

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