Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Joe & Dough Cafe - Orchard Gateway

A new shopping mall just opened near my office and it is connected to 313@Somerset and Orchard Central now! We would usually walked past the first level of Orchard Central and a new small cafe caught my eye one of the days. 

"Life is too short for bad coffee"

We usually go for a short coffee break after lunch, so Gab & me decided to check out this cafe. I tried the Iced Hazelnut Latte ($6) and Gab ordered a Monbana Chocolate ($5.60). Being greedy at the selections of the pastries and cakes they have, I ordered a Blueberry Yoghurt Tart ($6.50) to try too!

They do have a number of pastries which looks good and tempting, I shall get those next time if I just want to get takeaway.

Blueberry Yoghurt Tart

I find the iced hazelnut latte to be a little too sweet in my opinion, so I'm going to try their hot latte/cappuccino next time round! Gab mentioned that the Monbana Chocolate is quite good though. As for the blueberry tart, it was still ok, the taste for me is a little weird. I think is because of the yoghurt and the tart kind of soft & soggy which is not to my liking. But I guess everyone has different taste. 

277 Orchard Road
#01-10 Orchard Gateway
Tel: 6702 4656
Mon-Sun: 10.30am-10.30pm     


  1. I had sandwiches and drinks at the Millenia Walk branch. Pretty nice! and I blogged about it too! hahaha

    1. Hee.. yea i happened to read through ur blog too.. U mentioned it was nice... Maybe millenia walk branch is better than orchard gateway? :p I'm going to try again next time...