Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Food For Thought @ Botanic Gardens

I have came across this "Food for Thought" cafe many times online and decided to try it one of the evening after movie since it serves all day brunch!

There are bus services from Orchard Boulevard to Botanic Garden, but since I was at LIDO Shaw, I decided to take a stroll down, it takes around 20-30 minutes. This cafe can be found quite easily from the main entrance of Botanic Garden if you followed the direction signage closely.

There's a stair leading down to the cafe and here is the main entrance of the cafe.

The moment we stepped in, I was surprised to find it quite spacious and it looked like a canteen.  There was nothing to rave about it, but there were indoor playground which are good for kids.

So I ordered a House Breakfast ($14) which consists of scrambled egg, bacon, butter toast, hash brown & roasted tomato salad. I decided to change the bacon to garlic mushrooms (please take note that every change of item cost $2.50). I feel that this is a little ridiculous that they do charge for change of items. Most of the cafes offered free change of items or you only need to top up a little amount for additional items. I also ordered a cappuccino ($4.50) & dark chocolate and raspberries pancake ($13) since I heard much rave about it.  

The friend ordered a Garlic Prawn & Chargrilled Broccoli Linguine ($17) and a Chamomile Tea ($3.50). There's no Service Charge & GST too!


Garlic Prawn & Chargrilled Broccoli Linguine

House Breakfast

dark chocolate and raspberries pancake

Food were served pretty fast but the staff made a mistake, she delivered my House breakfast to another table. The guests at the other table went to get some chilli sauce and the food was left for some time before the staff went back and affirmed that the food were not touched and she brought it back to the kitchen and leave it on the table there. She thought I DID NOT see it! She brought my food to me after a while, I was a little upset with it already because my food had turned cold! To be honest, the house breakfast tasted awful, I'm not sure if it is due to the food leaving out in the open for some time.

The toast was soft & soggy, the scrambled egg was too "milky" and the garlic mushrooms were too oily. I did not finish more than half of the portion as I really can't force myself to gulp it down. The cappuccino was alright, not the best though. As for the pancakes, it was still alright only. The raspberries was mashed up and it kind of soaked the pancakes till soggy, nothing fantastic.  There were not much guests too! 

I guess a one-time experience is enough and doubt I will be going back again. 

Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road, Tanglin Gate
Singapore 259569
Tel: 6338 4848
Mon-Sun: 8am-9pm


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