Monday, 20 October 2014

Pince & Pints - All About LOBSTERS

The latest lobsters craze in Singapore - I been following instagram of famous bloggers, thus knowing the existence of this new restaurant. 

I guess many of us are familiar with the online blogshop - Love, Bonito. 2 of the co-founders who happened to be husband & wife left Love, Bonito and set up this restaurant!

When it first opened its doors, there were crazy queue outside the restaurant, waiting time could take up till more than 2 hours. :( Even if you had queued up, you might not be able to get a table at all because it's past their operation hours. I decided to wait till the craze died down. 

When Ms Lim asked me where I would like to go for birthday dinner, I suggested Pince & Pints since she also wants to try it too. This means that we had to knock off on the dot and make our way to the restaurant, worrying there might be a long queue. I was late, so Ms Lim reached first at around 7.20pm so she was lucky that the waiting time was around 20 minutes. 

By the time I reached, it was just nice that a table was available. But since it needed to be cleaned up, we waited outside which not well-ventilated and the staff was very nice to provide us with ice water which we needed badly.

The menu was quite simple - there are only 4 types of lobsters on the Menu. Steamed/Grilled Lobster, Lobster Roll & Lobster in Chilli Crab sauce - all at the price of S$48 before service charge & GST.

I ordered the Lobster Roll and Bee's Knee cocktail while Ms Lim ordered the Steamed Lobster and a cocktail which I have forgotten the name.

Service was pretty good, the staff are attentive and explained to you about the menus too.

Our food arrived pretty fast. I can't wait to dig in the food upon seeing it!!

The lobster flesh is sweet and juicy! As for the lobster roll, after eating for some time, I do get a little sick of it because of the soggy texture at the bottom of the roll. 

Ms Lim and the staff also arranged a surprise for me! A slice of birthday cake and thank you Ms Lim for the COACH wristlet, I really appreciate it. Thanks for your companionship since young and for being there to lend me a listening ear always. :) 

32-33 Duxton Road
Tel: 6225 7558
Mon-Fri: 5pm-11pm 
Saturday: 12noon-11pm
**No Reservations

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