Saturday, 24 May 2014

November 8 Coffee & Company

November 8 - no no it's not just a date, but the name of a cafe! It is unique, isn't it? And this cafe opening date is not on 8th November either.

I have been living at grandma's place at Sin Ming since young and I'm very familiar with the eateries/places at thomson area. 

There is a new condo - Thomson V two in Sin Ming Road. Can you imagine it used to be an old wet market 20 years ago at this current location? I always went to that market in the past and after it was demolished, I still know where to find those hawker vendors whether they shifted to Shunfu market, Teck Ghee market etc. 

I was surprised it became a condo now, in fact a very small condo and there are more upcoming cafes, bakeries opening on the ground level of this condo. It would take some time for me to try the different coffees there. 

I have heard of this November 8 cafe, so went there to try with my mum! It was also a heart-to-heart chatting session for us. We took bus 130 there from AMK and alighted at the bus stop in front of Sin Ming Plaza. We crossed over to Thomson V Two condo and had a hard time trying to find the entrance of this cafe. You can see the back door of this cafe which states that "you have to enter by the Level 1 arcade", so I walked round the building and finally saw it after some time. 

L1 arcade entrance is next to FWC cafe

Entrance of November 8 cafe

The moment I stepped into this cafe, I'm in love with the ambience and music. There was not much crowd too. Mum and me decided to order some portions to share. I ordered a Pu Er tea for mum (she don't take coffee) and a cafe latte for myself. We ordered Potato Rosti (something different apart from those egg benedicts) [$16], sweet potato fries [$7] and berrilicious waffle [$9] to share. It was stated in the menu that the rosti would take around 20 minutes waiting time. 

Service was good but the waiting time for beverage was considered long. When the sweet potato fries & rosti was served around 25 minutes later then our beverages arrived. I understand that it would mostly be beverages served first at a considerable short time (around 10 minutes). 

Interior of the cafe

The interior is quite colorful


Paper Tulip

This is an interesting piece

Sweet Potato Fries

Potato Rosti

Pu Er

Cafe Latte

Berrilicious Waffle with Taro Ice Cream

The pu er tea & latte was quite good, especially the latte with the fragrant aroma. The rosti was not bad, but the mum finds it a little salty. The sweet potato fries was nothing fantastic, a little too soft. The most I enjoyed is the waffle (the best waffle eaten is at Creamier). You can choose different types of ice cream (belgium choc, vanilla, coconut, rainbow, taro, lime sorbet etc). I chose the taro ice cream and I think I made a good choice because the taro is very nice and there is a tinge of yam aroma. The mummy loves it so much! 

I think I will go there often in future for the coffee & ice cream since it's so near to where Grandma is staying. 

Oh ya, there's no service charge & GST too! 

11, Sin Ming Road
Thomson V Two
Tel: 6554 4388
Mon-Tue, Thur-Sun: 12noon-12midnight
Closed on Wednesday

**You can take bus 130 from AMK interchange or 410 from Bishan Interchange and slight at Sin Ming Plaza and cross over to this condo. 


Buses 132, 166, 165, 52, 162, 163 167, 980 and alight in front of where "Thomson Roti Prata House" is and walked to this condo.

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