Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 2 of Taiwan 2016 - Taipei

Continued from Day 1

We woke up a little later on the 2nd day because we do not want to make our trip very rushed! I wanted to do some cafe-exploring during this trip too and my mister go wherever I want to go :) 

I also want to buy the new Tsum Tsum shoes collection at SOGO at Zhongxiao Fusing but sadly, they ran out of sizes.  :( [Luckily the sis is going Taiwan pretty soon so I can get her to help me buy again :p]

We took the mrt to Zhongsan Mrt station exit 3, turned left and the follow the street till we see Lane 16 - there's a whole stretch of cafe there!) 

I wanted to try the Melange cafe because of the strawberry waffles! 

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There are 2 branches of Melange Cafe on the same stretch of road. I went to the main branch and there were many people waiting - queue numbers will be distributed. 

I do not want to wait long so I opted for the outside seat, since the weather was cooling too. 

To my disappointment, the strawberry waffles were not available. :( I had no choice but to order the banana red bean chocolate waffle and Ice fruit tea. We also add an additional pizza bread toast. 


The waffles were so-so, not too bad. The only one thing I had praises for was the fruit tea - it was so yummilicious and I could never find such taste in Singapore!

That area was pretty nice to shop around if you have time - there's 微风广场, StayReal shop, 小三美日铺子 etc. 

We had planned to visit Danshui (including hotspring) if we have time but we decided to drop hotspring in the end because we shopped at Danshui till pretty late! 

It was a Sunday and  淡水老街 was crowded with families - this is also one of the area which I liked to visit everytime I'm in Taipei!

My sis has instructed me that she wants 阿婆铁蛋 (only this brand and not other brands, fyi 阿婆铁蛋 cost NT100 while other brands cost NT50 only) -.-" 

I have also bought 合益鱼酥 (NT50, not that salty) which my grandma loves so much! 

My best buy from Danshui was 3 pairs of authentic Hello Kitty shoes and a pair of Thomas & train shoes for my godchildren and the mister's nieces! Per pair cost only SGD $16.90 and this is my 2nd time buying from the same shop. My godchildren love them too! I'm happy as long as they love it. :)

We left Danshui around 7pm and reach our hotel around 8pm, we decided to rest and watch the TV (there were so many channels) before heading out for mala steamboat! It was raining to so the weather was perfect. 

Since I had tried 天外天 before, I decided to give 马辣麻辣火锅 a try after hearing how good and atas it was! I totally regretted my decision, I will never go 马辣 again because the food varieties cannot compare to 天外天 and it's service was quite bad. For steamboat buffet, there was a limit of 2 hours and they were pretty strict about it. 

We waited a while before we got our table at 9.40pm and the person said we had to leave at 11.30pm.

For NT598 per pax, free flow of beer and meat are included in the buffet (worth than the shabu shabu in Singapore). There are free flow of prawns, huge scallops etc so the mister was eating prawns & scallops non-stop (I'm so worried about his cholesterol -.-)

What I loved about  麻辣火锅 is there are loads of duck blood cube in the 麻辣 soup base! Whenever I'm in Taiwan, I will eat the duck/pig blood everyday :) 

I will go to 天外天麻辣火锅 next time since it is located in Ximending too, same as

Anyway when it was 11.30pm, we were trying to finish up the current food, the staff will keep telling you numerous times that we have to leave! I mean, can't they give us 10 minutes more and there were no crowd and still plenty of empty tables around. The mister also doesn't feel full so we had no choice but to go to 7 to buy beers, snacks etc.

I also bought Mickey mouse pants for my godson and he bought a minnie mouse dress for his niece. There were still many pushcarts (illegal)in Ximending as late as 1, 2 am. 

(万年大楼对面丶好乐迪KTV 2楼)
Tel: +886 2 2314-6528
Lunch: 11.30am - 4pm [NT498]
Dinner: 4pm - 5am [NT598]
Weekends/Public Holidays: 11.30am - 5am [NT598]

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