Thursday, 1 May 2014

Food Adventures in Jalan Riang (Serangoon Estate) - Rokeby Bistro & Wimbly Lu Chocolates

Here is another post of food adventures and this time round in Serangoon Estate. There are more upcoming cafes in the quiet area of Serangoon Estate which are not so accessible unless you have a car.

I have been wanting to try the famous rootbeer cake of Wimbly Lu Chocolates and here you find me in the Jalan Riang Estate! 

You can take bus 107, 147, 853 from Serangoon Station bus stop and alight one stop later or you can walk one bus stop down from NEX mall. 

See this and keep to the right side of the path and walk straight

Walk further in and you should see the road name 'Jalan Riang'

Before trying the desserts of what Wimbly Lu is serving, I decided to venture around the restaurants in Jalan Riang to have a fulfilling dinner. They have a few restaurants along the same row as Wimbly Lu. One of them was 'The Cajun Kings' - serving crabs and lobsters and their way of eating those seafood is using a hammer and not any other types of cutleries! I shall go try it one day! Another restaurant I saw there was 'Siam Society' - I guess everyone should know it's Thai Food judging by the name of the restaurant. The other restaurant further down the row was Rokeby Bistro Cafe, which was an Australian Bistro and this restaurant was the most crowded of all so I decided to give it a try. I'm lucky because I managed to get the last table for 2 without making any reservation in advance.

Entrance of Rokeby

The interior of the restaurant was quite cozy and they do not have many items on the menu.They have 2 items which caught my attention - which was the carbonara and chilli mussels. I had a hard time choosing and finally decided on the carbonara which is Da Bomb! I had also ordered a cappuccino to try too and oh boy, it did not disappoint me! 

Interior of Rokeby

The coffee/bar area

The waiting time for the drinks/food were fast too. 

Cappuccino which taste real good

The Moo's Burger - sirloin steak which was well done and taste good

Carbonara though I'm not really a creamy pasta person

I managed to eat half of the pasta only as I'm not really a person who eat creamy pasta as I prefer tomato based pasta more. Thanks to the colleague who helped me to finish it. We spent around $23 per pax for dinner here and I find the prices quite reasonable. I intend to go there again in future to try the chilli mussels with bread. 

Rokeby Bistro Cafe
15-9 Jalan Riang
Tel: 9106 0437
Tue-Sun: 9am-10pm

After dinner, we wasted no time to head over to Wimbly Lu Chocolate cafe which was just a few shops away down the row. 

Entrance of Wimbly Lu and the beetle car is their icon outside the cafe

We were considered lucky that we managed to get a table at 8pm. 


The creme brulee, rocky road caught my eyes


Doesn't this look yummy but fattening though?

Take-away is available too

Interior lighting of the cafe

I had initially wanted to order rootbeer cake, waffles, rocky road & creme brulee but I was too full so I only settled for rootbeer cake (S$6) and chamomile tea ($5). The colleague ordered their famous waffle with chocolate ice-cream ($8.50). 

The service was fast too.

Chamomile tea which I hope can help me sleep better

Rootbeer cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Waffles with Chocolate Ice Cream

Their waffles did not disappoint. I have had the best waffles at Creamier (downstairs of my aunt's block in Toa Payoh), but the waffles from Wimbly Lu is good too! It is crispy and fragrant. The rootbeer cake taste amazing with the rootbeer taste but quite sweet at the bottom when about to finish eating it. I'm happy that I finally got to try Wimbly Lu. :)

The cafe was overcrowded with long queue by the time we left. If you want to try out this cafe, do try to go early. 

Wimbly Lu Chocolates
152 Jalan Riang
Tel: 6289 1489   
Tue-Thur: 12.30pm-10.30pm
Fri: 12.30pm-11pm
Sat: 9am-11pm
Sun: 9am-10.30pm 

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