Monday, 6 October 2014

The Assembly Ground Cafe

It's the month of September and it's a month to meet up with the close friends/relatives for my birthday. I'm really thankful for this bunch of angels in my life, thanks for spending time with me on my birthday and for all the gifts. I'm sorry you guys spent so much on my gifts this year. Thank you for all the surprises on Pandora (at least 7 of them), flowers, nike sports bra, victoria secret bag, chomel earrings, Coach Wristlet etc. I really appreciate all! :)

The very first meetup was with Jia & Grace and I also haven't meet Grace for her birthday yet. They left the decision to me, so I chose The Assembly Ground Cafe as we wanted somewhere convenient for us. It's walking distance from my office but I took the MRT so that I can meet Jia at Dhoby Ghaut station. We walked to The Cathay first so Grace will find us there. 

It was a Tuesday night so we got a table easily. We took a look at the menu and Grace arrived shortly. As usual, I was hesitating between the main course again! Haha.. I finally chose the Assembly Brunch ($19.50) and Cappuccino ($5). Jia chose Carbonara Pasta and Orange Smoothie ($7.50). Grace chose Moroccan Baked Eggs ($15.50) and Royal Chamomile Tea ($5.50).

I'm sorry if I got some of the prices wrongly as I kind of forgotten it as Jia made the payment first.

Royal Chamomile Tea


Orange Smoothie

The Assembly Brunch

Carbonara Pasta

Moroccan Baked Eggs

The Assembly Brunch was so-so, nothing special except for the gratin potato which taste quite good. The bread is good, I did not finish the scrambled egg as usual, I'm really picky about the texture of scrambled eggs! Jia's Carbonara was good, not too sick of it with a poached egg instead of the raw egg. As for the Moroccan Baked Eggs, it's good but the lamb sausage turned me off due to the overpowering smell of lamb. :( So if you are not a fan of lamb items, I don't suggest this dish. The orange smoothie has no orange taste, more milky taste like medicine. As for the cappuccino, it is is pretty good, strong brew for me because caffeine usually has no effect on me but after drinking the cappuccino from this cafe, I had insomnia the whole night! :(

We spent some time chatting and I brought my selfie rod and polaroid camera so that we can take "wefies". 


I'm really thankful for these 2 ladies in my life, whom I can tell everything to and being there for me. Thank you girls! You 2 are my best travelling partners too! *hugs and kisses*

The Assembly Ground Cafe
The Cathay #01-21/22/23
2 Handy Road
Tel: 6733 3375
Tue-Sun: 10.30am-10pm
(Closed on Monday)

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