Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Symmetry Cafe

A friend has told me about Symmetry cafe and how good it was for the food and coffee. I told the colleague one afternoon when we were about to go lunch, so he suggested that we head to this cafe for lunch. That's how impromptu we can be. :p

(P.S: I went 2 days in a week, one time for LUNCH on weekday and another time for their BRUNCH on a Saturday).

The bus journey was pretty fast, there was a bus stop opposite the cafe. I love the exterior of the cafe located at the corner of a shophouse, it has a little industrial and run-down look.

The seat area wasn't very big inside, but we were lucky to get tables. I would not want to sit outside under the hot scorching sun. :(

The service was pretty friendly. Here's the LUNCH menu:

Here's some snapshot of the interior of the cafe:

Their menu looks pretty good and I really had a hard time deciding if I want the Portobello & Pork Jowl Croissant ($24) or the Pork Belly ($23). I finally decided on the croissant but I switched my fries to Truffle fries so I have to top up additional $4 and a Cappuccino ($5.50). Reeve ordered the latter, the Pork Belly.

My cappuccino was served first, looks pretty good with the gingerbread man biscuit!

The gingerbread man taking a dip

The croissant was quite huge portion to me and oh my! It is really delicious! I'm not a fan of scrambled egg but this egg tasted more like omelette which I liked so much! The pork jowl was tender and juicy, the croissant was crispy on the outside! The truffles fries are good, though not as good as Kith Cafe in my opinion. Reeve was very happy with his pork belly, it tasted crispy and juicy. I took a piece to try, though it looks a little fattening but the texture of it is simply good! 

I had an impromptu brunch date with the gf, so I decided to bring her to this place too. I made reservation first for 10am on a Saturday, there were a little bit of crowd. 

Here's the brunch menu:

JQ ordered the Broccolini & Eggs ($21) and Roman Chamomile Tea ($6.50) while I ordered the Big Breakfast ($24) and Latte ($5.50).

I was laughing at JQ upon seeing her food, because she don't take uncooked vegetables and on her plate was mostly vegetables. But it was good too, she took whatever she can eat from her plate. I love the BIG Breakfast, it was so much for me that I tried to cut everything in half for JQ. Oh ya, the coffee at Symmetry is AWESOME! One of the best I ever had before. :)

Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor
Tel: 6291 9901
MON:     1030 – 2100
TUE – THU:     1030 – 2300
FRI:     1030 – 0000
SAT:     0900 – 0000
SUN:     0900 – 1900


**You can make advance reservations.

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