Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bangkok Eats - GreyHound Cafe @ Siam Center

Sorry for my lack of posts for the past 3 months - I have been busy with work, travelling and yes, I started a new relationship since December! I guess I finally put down the past, and found the sweetest guy one could ask for, I'm happily attached to this guy of mine, will update more about him in future. I shall not disclose him in the meantime. Hehehe! 

I also went to Taipei with a gf in January, it was quite a rush & fulfilling trip. 

I'm gonna update the blog in a few posts in some of the restaurants I went to in Bangkok in November 2014. 

I remember coming across an article online recommending about GreyHound Cafe, so I planned this in the itinerary on the first day. I was having slight flu during my trip so there's wasn't much photos taken. 

*credits to Google Image

*credits to Google Image

The food is really good especially the chicken wings and pasta! We regretted ordering the sandwich though. The chicken wings cost around 120 Bhat whish is around S$4.80, that is so dirt cheap! We are lucky that the wings portion are not huge, we finished the pasta and wings leave most of the sandwich untouched. Yes, I admit it is quite bad to waste food but the sandwich was nothing fantastic.  I will go back to this cafe again pretty soon! I can't wait! Don't be deceived by the ATAS outlook of the restaurant, the price of the food are considered cheap.

3rd Floor Siam Center
Tel: +66-2-658 1129
Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm 


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