Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Windowsill Pies

**Windowsill Pies have relocated to Upper Thomson area, please take note of the new address.

I have came across a number of articles on Windowsill Pies and to me, I'm not really interested in pies. The "windowsill" also reminded me of somehow a wooden house feeling with beautiful flowers surrounding the window. Ok, it took me back to the stories by Enid Blyton during my childhood days. 

I never once had much chance to explore cafes in Jalan Besar area, the chance finally came when the bf told me one evening (when he was supposed to meet me) that he was still with clients drinking and said that I may have to wait for him. I asked him if he was in Jalan Besar area and he said YES, so I told him I will go explore one cafe there and enjoy coffee alone. 

I alighted at Lavender station and took the exit toward Horne road where Jalan Besar Stadium was nearby, I finally saw Windowsill Pies opposite from the stadium.

The exterior which gave a kind of Xmas feel

There was not much customers when I walked in, I browse through the pies and had an idea on what I wanted. I ordered the Grasshopper Pie (which is chocolate & mint - my favourite always) and a cappuccino. I think I paid around $12 for both the pie and coffee.


Service was friendly and ambience was cozy. I took one bite of the pie and it was good, not too sweet, the chocolate and mint taste mingle inside the mouth.The coffee blend was good, to my liking and it is quite fragrant. I surf net on my phone, ate my pie & drank my coffee slowly for 1.5 hours, enjoying my "ME" time. The bf was so apologetic that he has me waiting, but I told him is ok because I was enjoying myself. 

It was really quite a cozy place and it was around 7.45pm and the mister was still with his client so I ordered another Iced Mocha. If I'm not wrong, it's around $6.50.

I was drinking my mocha slowly till the mister showed up at 8.30pm and there were crowd in the cafe by then. 

I love this cafe because of the cozy ambience and the pies were pretty yummeh!! :) 

Oh ya, there's NO service charge & GST too.

78 Horne Road  95 Soo Chow Walk
Singapore 209078 Singapore 575382
Tel: 9004 7827
Tuesday - Thursday 11:00am to 11:00pm
Friday 11:00am to 12:00am

Saturday 10:00am to 12:00am
 Sunday 10:00am to 10:00pm
Closed on Monday


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