Monday, 4 December 2017

La Vida Hotel Taichung

I'm going to write about my favorite hotel in Taichung area and it is located within Fengjia Night Market.

For people who know me, I love to stay in really clean and cozy hotel when I travel and I don't really care about the price as long as it is affordable. :) I dislike rooms that are made of wood, example wooden furnitures, wooden flooring etc.

When I travelled to Taiwan with the mister in 2016, I chanced upon this hotel and this was my stay here in 2017. There's even a television in the bathroom so that you can soak in a bath or use the toilet with entertainment, haha! 

This is a family room with 2 double beds, fit up to 4 adults.

You can view the write-up of previous stay here .

Breakfast is included too, but I still do not really fancy the breakfast here. 

I always recommend people to stay here when they are going to Taichung. 

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