Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Tiong Bahru Estate - Flock Cafe

Tiong Bahru - one of the oldest HDB estate in Singapore, the unique HDB structures and the market are well-known for it. I remembered my childhood days where I often came this area with my mum & grandma for the wet market shopping.

It's not unusual that more cafes are gradually appearing in this estate, giving the youngsters/residents to do some cafe-explorings around this area. 

It's even unusual that the mister said he wants to bring me go for cafe brunch on a Sunday because he would often spend more time sleeping on a Sunday and only meet me in the late afternoon! I appreciate his little effort in always doing such little things to pamper me. If the bf is seeing this, I would like to say "Thank you, my love!". 

There's a few cafes which I wanna try and I could hardly made up my mind and since he has car now, it makes it easier for us to travel around. 

I suggested the Flock cafe at Ghim Moh as I read that the prices was quite cheap for Brunch? Upon reaching Ghim Moh, the staff told me they were closing as they were sold out for day, at 3pm?! The food must have been so nice, I guess! 

So we drove to the main branch at Tiong Bahru, found parking slot quite easily. The weather was too hot! 


We were lucky to have found seats inside the air-conditioned area as the alfresco dining area was a little too hot & humid.

When I see the price on the menu, I even thought that my eyes were playing a trick on me. It were kind of on a little high side as compared to the blog I read this year for this cafe. I even told the bf I wanna share with him the Big Breakfast ($20) which he wanted, but he said it was not enough for him so he asked me to order my own portion too (this is his way of "go ahead and order whatever you want"). -.-" Fine then, I decided on a smoked salmon croissant with scrambled egg ($17) and a cappuccino ($5). 

The food doesn't take that long to arrive.

The food was alright, but perhaps not to our liking? The bf still prefer the brunch he had before at Symmetry cafe. :) The poached egg in the Big Breakfast was quite bland (still had some vinegar taste), it would be good with some hollandaise sauce. The bacon was crispy though and I do not like the sausage (I prefer cheese sausage type). I don't think the Big Breakfast is worth $20. As for the croissant, I find it pretty normal. As I'm quite picky about scrambled egg, I get sick of the egg easily. Perhaps I had too high expectation? I don't mind paying this price at Symmetry or Habitat Coffee. 

 There's no service charge & GST!

78 Moh Guan Terrace
Singapore 162078
Tel: 6536 3938
8am-6pm (Daily)

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