Monday, 17 October 2016

Day 4 of Taiwan 2016 - Taipei

Continuation from Day 3 ~~~

I had to wake up early the next day and had to be slightly quiet when waking up because the mister said I'm too noisy every morning :p I decided not to turn on the lights so that he can sleep more, I had to visit the Taipei office to catch up with some colleagues! It was easy to travel to the office from Ximen station, just 2 to 3 stations away near to the customer site too. 

I was there for nearly 1.5 hours and the colleague even treated me to bubble milk tea! :) The station "Shuanglian" was linked 2 stations away to Taipei Main station so it's a good time for me to walk the underground mall and I gotten 4 pairs of shoes in short span of time. :p 

I reached the hotel around 1pm and the mister was nowhere in sight, so I lazed on the bed watching TV, it was shiok! The mister came back shortly and he brought back some fried sotong, duck wings etc! I was starving already~~~

We had some snacks, rested a while and headed out to Taipei 101 for Din Tai Fung! 

Can you believe that the Din Tai Fung cost only SGD $30 plus?? It was so much cheaper and of course nicer than Singapore. I'm missing the xiaolong bao & pork chop now!

After our late lunch, we walked around 101 shopping mall but really nothing much for us, unless you are into high end shopping. 

I wanted to go 东区 to explore one of the cafe so we went again to take the metro to find this Long Time Ago Cafe. 

It requires some walking distance from the metro station and Taiwanese were really so nice to help us with the directions! :)

This cafe was well-known for their disney characters latte art but due to copyrights issue, they are no longer able to do latte art in those disney characters. What a disappointment though~~~ :(

Longtimeago Cafe
No 9 Lane 21 An He Road Section 1
Nearest MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Exit 6 (10min walk)


But I have to say the cafes in Taiwan have those drama feel ~~~ I really love the cafes ambience in Taiwan, wish I have more time to explore though!

It was early evening by then, we decided to head back to the 24hours Carrefour at Ximen area to buy the local snacks and instant noodles to bring back to Singapore. This was one of my favourite shopping place though, around 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel. 

It was back to the hotel to unload our stuff before we head out to Shihlin night market at around 8.30pm. I guess Shihlin is famous to every tourists and it needs no introduction. Here are some photos, we spend  an hour trying to catch prawns and that's our supper. Haha! :)

We left the night market around 12 midnight and glad that there were still train services! The stalls were mostly closed around that time. 

Here's the supper and our beer in the room! The honey beer is quite nice though - not much beer taste. :p It was so late by then because we had to wake up very early the next day to go to Taichung! It will be another separate post on Taichung. :) We packed another small luggage to bring our barangs barangs to Taichung.

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